Bragi Wireless Earphones are Best Friends for Runners

Bragi Wireless Earphones

Good music is a great motivator when you are running, but you probably have had your moments of pushing back the wireless earphones deeper into your ear holes because they keep slipping out. Also, earphones that produce smooth sound in your own bedroom or office cubicle may not sound as crisp when you are outside, with all the background noises such as cars, kids, people, dogs, and the like. Fortunately, Dash answered those concerns by releasing Bragi wireless earphones.

Bragi is a wireless earphone set designed to snug fitly in ear holes, even when you are bouncing and sweating on running track. With good sound quality and convenient features such as portable charger, it is not difficult to see why this product should be in your gadget list despite some minor flaws.

Bragi Wireless Earphones’ Main Features

Bragi is Dash’s answer to sport-friendly gadgets that will be convenient to use during sport as well as in your bedroom, vehicle, coffee shop or library. The wireless earphones have ergonomic shape that makes them snug nicely in the ears, and they stay in place even when you are jogging and sweating coming out of every pores (including the insides of your ears). Say goodbye to constant stop-and-push-them-back-in when all you want to do is enjoying some good music to motivate you!

The audio quality is also good for outdoor use, but Bragi does not make you deaf to everything around you (after all, you also need to hear things like approaching vehicles when you cross the street). The earphones have feature called Transparency Mode, which sends ambient noise right to your ears while letting you enjoying quite good music audio at the same time. You can also talk to other people without taking off the earphones.

Beside the audio and ergonomic shape, Bragi wireless earphones also have other features that go well with your smart phone, such as:

  1. A media player with 4GB storage to keep all your favorite songs.
  2. Fitness apps with heart rate monitor, workout duration tracker, step tracker, and many other apps for serious exercise lovers (currently only available for runners).
  3. The case that doubles as battery charger, complete with 2,200mAH built-in battery.

Despite all the benesfits, Dash Bragi also has some flaws that you may want to consider.

Bragi Wireless Earphones’ Downsides

Dash has hoped to fix some flaws that are currently present in these wireless earphones, and you may find the earphones upgraded in the next version. For example, the Bluetooth feature in the earphones is apparently still not in the smooth side, and there are still some bugs that need to be fixed. Also, while Dash tried to make the earphones as snug as possible for everyone’s ears, the silicone pieces it provides to fit with different ear shapes are just not that fit.

Finally, Dash has announced that the wireless earphones are currently only having fitness apps for runners (and gym goers), but in the future, you can hope for other apps available for cyclists and even swimmers.

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