All You Need to Know about Runcorn Bridge Toll

The tool crossing on Run corn Bridge can vary depending upon the type of vehicle you are driving on. The run corn toll crossing is located on the Mersey River between Wildness and Run corn in England. You can pay the crossing cost each time you pass the toll, or there are other plans associated with this newly made crossing. However the Mersey gateway bridge made it happen the route to be quick and accessible. You should have some idea about the cost and payment method beforehand.

Pre-paid Account Registration

To avoid the extra fees on crossing Mersey Gateway Bridge, you are offered to create a pre-paid account. To create such account you are initially asked to pay a £5 amount. And you have deposit a amount of £30 which will be deducted in terms of toll crossing cost.

However there are two types of pre-paid account. The fist one is the pre-paid sticker account offering you a 10 percent discount on each crossing. And it does not differentiate whether you are taking a class 2 or class 3 vehicles. The next pre-paid account called pre-paid video account. This will offer a 5 percent discount on each time you are crossing. To get over any challenge in the runcorn bridge toll, you can simply call 08454550156.

Charge of Crossing the Toll

As it is said earlier that the charge of crossing the toll depends upon the type of vehicle you are using. However the unregistered customer having class 2 vehicles need to pay £2 for each crossing. The monthly account is also available for and only for class 2 vehicle. And this can be explained later on this blog.

08The class 3 and the class 4 vehicle are to pay £6 and £8 respectively each time they cross the toll. This price is only for the unregistered customer. The registered customer has a special redemption on cost while they are having a pre-paid account of any type. We already mentioned it earlier in this article.

Automatic Top-up System

The automatic top-up system will enable your pre-paid account to have money always. At the time of registering a pre-paid account on runcorn bridge toll, you can enable automatic top-up system. This is more like a account in mobile pre-paid service. Your account will be automatically getting balance from your linked bank account. You can limit the amount gets debited.

One of the advantages of this operation is you never have to worry about the balance in the account. And moreover you can avoid the fine for not having minimum pounds in the account. The least amount of money in a pre-paid account for runcorn bridge toll crossing is £20.

Still the automatic account payment system is not mandatory for a pre-paid account. You can choose whether you want it or not. If you any greater risk simply skip the way of payment.

You can also list more than one vehicle into a single account. But the process may be a bit complex. You are suggested to get our expert’s advice in this matter on runcorn bridge toll website or simple calling on 08454550156. Our customer service regarding Mersey toll crossing is always available.

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