What We Need from an Internal Chat App

We are all very familiar with instant messaging. There’s even a big chance that many of us use instant messaging to communicate with family or friends more than we do through phone calls. Instant messaging is easy to use and very convenient. Moreover, instant messaging offers more than just chatting viatext. You can also send photos and even video clips. Instant messaging can equally become a powerful communication tool within an office or a corporate organization.

Internal Vs Public Messenger App

Let’s be real, most people have smartphones, and in this social media era, instant messaging appsare definitely the most favorite apps they often use. Many employers see social media, including instant messaging, during the office hour as distraction tothe employees. That’s true, and too much distraction can lead to inefficiency. But the employers may need to see the brighter side. Instant messaging can be a powerful tool forimproving communication amongtheemployeesin the office. One staff can easily chat with another staff working on the same project. It can also help improveand makethe collaboration between employeesfrom different departments effective. These, of course, cannot be achieved using the popular online instant messenger apps but an instant messenger designed and built for internal communication.

An Internal messenger app is a messenger app within a closed network, usually an office or a corporate network. This chat app works within the local area network. This app only works on a computer connected to the network and has clearance within a local network. Using the internal messenger app, the staff can’t connect to the internet to chat with people outside the local network. This will minimize distraction and also offers better security, as only authorized personnel can join the network.

Security for Internal Messenger App

Security is definitely one big factor for an internal messenger app. Communication within the office or between the staffs often has a lot to do with confidential data as well as sensitive data related to business competition. It is important to make sure that the communication done via aninstant messenger is highly secured. When it comes to the best secure chat app, encryption is everything. Advanced AES encryption algorithm offers protection. It not only ensures that only authorized personnel can use the chat app from an authorized computer but it also secures every chat, message, and data shared.

Important Features of an Internal Messenger App

The next big thing would be the features. The online messenger apps have many fancy features and an internal messenger app needs to have the same features or even better. The goal is to optimize communication for more effective collaboration. Text messaging is the basic, but it is not just from one user to another. Team work is crucial and that’s why multiple chats or group chats is a must-have feature. Document and file sharing is also an essential feature of aninternal messenger app. Advanced features would include remote assistance for desktop sharing, voice or video call, and others.

While the internal messenger app needs to be powerful, it also needs to offer an exciting experience for all users. Adopting popular features such as emoji or customizable wallpaper would give users a better experience, just like using popular online messenger apps.

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