Know Everything You Need to Know About Perforated Film and Car Stickers

You can create stunning window graphics with custom perforated window film decals. These premium stickers provide a lot of print surface area for your custom image. Just add some subtle opacity and make it appear solid and strong from the outside. 

  • When you view it from the inside, the car window gives a tinted impression but doesn’t lose strength and visibility, making it perfect for storefronts and vehicles. 
  • If you want different transparency levels, you can choose a mesh vinyl of 70/30 or 50/50.
  • The premier manufacturers of custom car stickers have a huge library of more than 30,000 different designs. They help order them as it is or customizes the stickers with easy online tools. 
  • They also offer 50 various specialty materials, which include free gloss or matte lamination for every order.
  • The perforated car wraps integrate one-path visibility with the high-quality perforated vinyl pattern. 
  • The perforated stickers are weatherproof. It can withstand rain and UV. The prime use is an outdoor application and doesn’t leave adhesive marks or residue upon removal.

When you make a sticker from perforated coating at 70/30, the print area will be large. However, the see-through surface will be lesser than a 50/50 perforated film.

Select the best design and size

When you measure the size of your truck or car window to install your perforated car decals, you need to scale the largest height and width to make sure that your car sticker will encompass every window area.

  • It’ll be in your best interests if you order two inches higher and wider car graphics than your window length. It allows enough space for trimming and ensures that you get a large enough size for covering the entire window. 
  • For instance, if its’ a 50*20” window, your decal must be 52*22”. When design your rear window sticker, place your graphic/image/design in the center of the car wrap to ensure that trimming affects it.
  • For maximizing your decal’s visibility, you need to use the optimum contrast between your design and the background color.
  • For example, if you’re integrating a light background with light lettering or design, others may not be able to see it very easily.
  • If you have dark decals on your car window and place them on tinted surfaces, they may give a washout impression. Thus, consider the surface area and material when designing your graphic.

Personalizing the graphics

Micro-perforated car window decals are extremely popular. The popular shapes are rectangle, circle, oval, and square. The perforated stickers comprise small holes/pores, allowing more visibility from inside the car.

  • The best way to reap the maximum benefits of your car windows is to use them as business promotion tools. The application is easy, courtesy of the material thickness. 
  • In terms of specifications, the material is 40% clear vinyl. The thickness is 150 Um. The type of adhesive is solvent polyacrylate and transparent. 
  • The adhesive strength is 5N/25mm. They provide a glossy finish with top-notch lamination.

Regarding the several delivery options, you need to know the delivery dates and schedules depend on the number of decal units and the placement.

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