Top 5 Best Budgeted Pressure Washers

Sometimes we need pressure washers for normal and small usage. Well, in that case we don’t want to invest more for buying. At the same time, in a budgeted price we want to get a good pressure washers to clean our floor, car, ceiling and gardens. So, I have picked some of the budgeted and popular model and the brand of Pressure Washers. Let’s check out few models of them along with their price and features provided in the price.

  1. MK Heavy Duty Ultra 9 Ultra High Pressure Washer

All the basic accessories like spray gun, hose, brush a brush connector along with the power cable comes with the package. The power of the motor fitted to it is 40 Watt and the water flow rate is 100 liters per hour.

The pressure exerted by it is 4.13 Bar and the hose length is 6 meter. It can be used not only as a pressure washer but Weed and pesticides Sprayer, Sanitary and other common purposes.

Price: Rs.2839/44$

  1. Pushcart ABY-14-2016 Electric Pressure Washer

Like other budgeted model it also comes with all the basic accessories like spray gun, Tank, Brush Connector, etc. The motor used in it is 40 Watt and the water flow rate is 6 Liter per Hour.

The maximum pressure that it exerts is 0.27 Bar and it is fitted with internal fan nozzle which can spray water while brushing.

Price: Rs.2896/45$

  1. Speedwav 246846 High Pressure Washer

It comes with the accessories loaded with Spray Gun, Tank of 16 Liter, Washing Brush and the Cable Connector for Power. It has higher motor capacity than other budgeted model which is 500 Watt and the water flow rate is 370 Liter per Hour.

It exerts the maximum pressure of 6.89 Bar and comes with Yellow and Black Mixed Color. It has the hose length of 6 Meter and designed to make it portable enough.

Price: Rs.3999/62$

  1. Home Pro Portable Electric Pressure Washer

This is a very portable pressure washer which can used to wash cars, home and garden. It comes with a 16 liters’ tank, washing brush, water spray gun along with the connector. It is equipped with 40 Watt Motor and the water flow rate is 370 Liter per hour.

It exerts maximum pressure of 8.27 Bar and the hose length of the washer is 6 Meter. It comes with Black and Orange mixed color.

Price: Rs.2998/47$

  1. Skys&Ray SAR0009 High Pressure Washer

This pressure washer come with Tank, Spray Gun, 6 Meter Hose, Washing Brush and Power Cable with Car Socket Charger. It has a 40 Watt Motor with a Water Flow Rate of 370 Liters per Hour.

It exerts maximum pressure of 120 Bar and the washing brush is fitted with the internal fan nozzle which helps to spray water while brushing anything.

Price: Rs.2989/47$

So, these were some of the budgeted model of the best pressure washers. If your requirement is small and you want to use it for the normal time then you can go with any of the model listed above. Keep in tune with for more such information.

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