How to Secure Your Business from Intruders

Running a business is not only confined to management and profits. There is also the necessity of protecting the walls of your business. It’s not only money and people that are at stake here. There are also the records, marketing data, and legal documents to consider. Are they secured enough?

How do you make sure your people and assets are well-protected from intruders? While securing the business site from the threat of burglary and break-ins is not easy, it is certainly doable with enough knowledge, resources, and effort to put security measures in place. Here are some of the ways you can achieve that.

Conduct a Risk Assessment

Identifying your premises’ vulnerable points is a priority. Before you think of securing anything, make sure you know what you should include in your security measures. Put yourself in the mind of the burglar, and start to recognize potential weaknesses that make your business an easy target. Discover what they will do in order to break your security in the premises, like cutting wires to disable defenses and surveillance.

Secure the Possible Entrances

The most common way for a burglar to breach the premises is by looking for vulnerable parts of the building where they can find an easy access. This means you need to secure your doors and windows by adding additional security features like intrusion detection sensors.

Locks should be foolproof too. One way of testing it is through trying to pick different locks and establish their strength by using lockpicking tools like an electric gun for lockpicking.

Make Sure There is Adequate Lighting

If your business is not operating 24 hours a day, night-times can be problematic. Burglars and intruders would not think twice of trying out their luck when the premises do not have any human trace. There will also be parts of the buildings that are shielded from view. They are often targeted for break-in, using it as their access inside the building. You can deter this from being the case though with the help of preventative lighting. These lights are installed in areas that are not in plain view. It is advisable to use durable lighting placed inside bulb cages that will withstand the tests of time and prevent them from being easily broken.

Teach Constant Vigilance

In the event of a serious threat, it is important that you and your employees are prepared. Providing them with security training is the first step. Ensure that they know how to recognize suspicious behavior in the people who come to and from the premises.

It’s also necessary that they know what to do when a crime takes place, like safety procedures and proper reporting to authorities. Another consideration is to make sure your employees are clean and can be trusted by asking them to submit to verification measures like background checks and marijuana drug testing.

Keep a Safe Storage

Cash, equipment, important papers, and other high-inventory assets must be properly and securely stored. Adding layers of protection like locked doors and access-control partitions can help a lot in times of burglary, so make sure you take these necessary steps.

Put your cash in the bank as soon as possible as well. In the event that you need to keep some in the premises, create a storage space safe from theft and fire.

Put Securities on Sensitive Information

Aside from the closed-door policy and access controls on computers, another way to protect sensitive information is to have a proper disposal of paper waste that contains sensitive information like account numbers, customer details, employees files, sales data, and vendor information. Take measures to protect computers from external threats as well like installing firewalls and antivirus software.

Carry Out Regular Check-ups

While keeping security measures in place is important, it is also wise to consider that criminals adapt ways to acquire more sophisticated methods for intrusion and theft. Don’t let them get the better of you by being one step ahead. Conduct check-ups and security updates at least once a year to make sure your safety precautions still work.

Criminal elements and intruders are facts of life, but there are always ways to deter them and keep your business secure by following these steps. Make sure to be on your guard by thinking ahead. After all, you’ve invested time, money, and energy in your business, and the least you can do is to make sure it remains safe and protected.

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