All You Need to Know About Indoor Type Current Transformers

Indoor Potential Transformer

Indoor transformers are transformers that are caged or housed. In other words, they have a small roof on top of them. Unlike outdoor transformers, they are generally used as distribution transformers.

These indoor transformers include the indoor high-voltage transformer for conducting tests, the indoor epoxy current and the indoor potential transformer. In this article, we will see together some characteristics of indoor type current transformers.

Indoor Potential Transformer

These types of transformers are created with their applications in mind. This means they are meant to ensure high accuracy in their performance by means of the latest technologies. These transformers usually follow very high standards so that they create no problems when used.

Quality checks are usually performed on certain parameters to ensure that no lapses occur and that this type of transformers is still the best on the market. Here are some of the features of this type of indoor current transformer:

•  Cost effective

•  Optimum performance

•  Reliable

Indoor High Voltage Transformer for Testing

These transformers are widely known for their efficiency. They are carefully made to suit the customers’ needs in the best way possible. The best raw materials are used in the manufacturing process of the indoor high voltage transformer for testing.

This explains why they are very effective and quite durable if maintained properly. An excellent track record has been established by the customers who have already used this type of transformers. Here are the advantages of an indoor high voltage transformer:

•  They are cost effective

•  They are quite dependable

•  They ensure an excellent performance

Indoor Epoxy Resin Transformer

The epoxy resin current transformers produced by Guangdong Sihui are handy. They have a capacity of 7.2-72.5 electric power. These are often used in the construction industry and are quite easy to install. Their indoor machines can change from an electric current with high voltage into a low voltage current and vice versa.

These indoor types of current transformers may also be used for running distinct electrical gadgets. These are some of their advantages:

•  They are simple to install

•  Their construction is robust

•  They are highly effective

Resin Insulated Transformers for Current

These are some products that are quite effective when transformers are involved. They are also known as “dry type transformers”. They are usually used in places where there should be high fire protection.

Such areas may include oil depots, airports, and also high buildings. Transformers with resin insulation can be divided into three major categories:

•  Epoxy quartz mixture of sand and vacuum casting type

•  Epoxy glass fiber that is alkali-free reinforced vacuum differential duress casting type

•  Glass fiber wrapping insulation that is alkali-free

Here are some of the benefits of the resin insulated transformers produced by Guangdong Sihui:

1.  Low Fire Hazard

The insulation of each transformer contains epoxy resin blended with quartz powder. This makes sure the transformer is flame-retardant and maintenance-free. It also ensures the winding is self-extinguishing hence putting away the cost of investing heavily on firefighting equipment.

No toxic gases are produced even when arcing occurs.

2.  Zero Oil Usage

The Transformers from Guangdong Sihui will only require air to cool down. They get rid of the extra costs for labor. These costs would have been needed for oil checking, oil recycling, and even for testing the absorption of moisture.

Since they are almost maintenance free, there are no potential oil leaks which may lead to disasters.

3.  Little Maintenance Needed

Liquid testing in this case is of no use since the indoor resin insulated transformers require only air to cool down. They have a smooth coil surface that replaces materials which may cause dirt to pile up upon them.

The only maintenance required is just visual routine checks by a technician to ascertain whether things are still in order. The transformer also needs to be wiped down to prevent dirt from accumulating.

4.  Crack Resistant

Cast resin transformers are known to crack a lot and this is why manufacturers started producing some of them with a glass fiber reinforcement to the windings. This banishes cracking due to the cooling and heating properties of glass.

5.  Highly Sustainable

Resin insulated transformers are responsible for saving and managing your resources. They have a lifespan of over 20 years. They also consume less electricity due to their low levels of loss. Besides, they use up to 90% of recyclable materials to produce less waste and make better use of each resource.

Indoor Potential Transformer


The indoor resin transformer is quite effective. It helps manufacturers to save both money spent on electric bills and other resources. You can contact Guangdong Sihui, they will surely have the best solutions for your next indoor type current transformers.

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