Facebook Use For Business : The Fact You Should Know

One thing that you should definitely know about facebook if you are an active user is the idea of facebook use for business. It is fun to chat and share what you think of something with your friends on this social media platform, but, as what Steve Jobs say, “You have to think big”. That is right! If you can have fun on facebook, then why not trying to generate money out of it? In fact, this idea has been getting very popular in the society. Facebook has been perceived as an online market, not only an online friendship network. This is mainly because facebook can gather thousands of people effectively.

In fact, that is the main idea of the facebook use for business, primarily advertising. For some creative businessman, facebook is where they can know who their potential consumers are. This could be a good point of few from the business side. First, facebook can be the place where you know what group of people which can be good for your product. On the other hand, facebook can be the place where you can create the product based on what people complain everyday through their news feed. In fact, it could go both ways for you. One of the most Facebook surprising data which will open your eyes saying that, more than 51% of the purchase of a product happen after the buyer likes the product o facebook. What does this fact tell you? This fact tells you that facebook has been one of the best advertising tool in the world. It is easy and very effective in gathering people to notice your product.

In fact, that is also what facebook is doing in the last few years. Instead of waiting for someone to complain about something they need, facebook has been making a partnership with some corporations to know get more information about its user. Some companies, such as Axciom, Datalogix, and BlueKai, are some companies that facebook ask to get on board. This way, these companies will send facebook about the card transaction data and web browsing record. This way, facebook will be able to know which user is perfect for which product. Finally, the product advertised on facebook can reach the right and suitable customer. Hence, the idea of facebook use for business is not getting obsolete in the future since facebook is still having a huge attractiveness in this business.

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  1. Reading this article makes me wonder about how much information does facebook have on their users? I have used facebook ads for my clients with great success I guess they are going to charge people more? Do you have any idea how will this merger impact people who pay for ads to be displayed to potential clients? Thank you for pointing out the fact that people tend to buy after liking the facebook page, great way to spot a sales conversion!
    Great post mate I hope you keep posting more, Cheers!

  2. Great post! Always kept wondering how does facebook know what product I am thinking of buying. So now I get it. They have all my information!!! It’s like they are stalking me….is there any way to avoid facebook from getting all my personal info??

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