Is Watching Pirated Movies Online Illegal?

Watching movies online has become a trend online. You can login to several websites for watching latest TV serials and latest movies without paying a penny. But all these types of stuff present online is not free of cost. There are some of the sites which pay for streaming movies online. Streaming videos online allow users to view them without requiring them to download or save them. Therefore people are more interested in streaming movies online rather than downloading them.

If we watch or download a movie online for free then the end users i.e. the owners of the film will not get any benefit. For this, the owners restrict the watching and downloading the movie under the Copyright Act. It makes watching movie illegal online concept.

Why were torrents Banned?

It is unclear that whether watching pirated movies online is illegal or not. The legality of watching movies online depends upon the fact that from where you are streaming the online film. Some of the courts have cleared declared watching pirated movies online is an illegal concept, but some of the courts yet have to decide whether it is legal or unlawful. Some of the courts have banned to keep the saved a copy of a pirated movies. To avoid this, some of the websites has found a side way. They keep a temporary copy of the movies on the computer and once it is streamed they just go for the option of deleting it.

In India watching pirated movies online is not a legal concept at all. Some of the websites in India which offer streaming pirated online movies have been blocked now. So when you click on the link for downloading the content a pop-up message bearing,” This link has been blocked from the Ministry of the Telecommunication of Govt. of India for providing pirated movies online under………………”. The concept of watching pirated movies online is illegal. You can be sent to jail or can be charged with some amount of fine, or both the punishments go side by side for watching pirated movies online even thought that can be done by using movie streaming apps like Popcorn Time, Showbox or Newest Movie HD you can get Newest Movies HD Download by following the link if you want to watch movies online and that wouldn’t count as piracy.

Last year some rumors went viral with a warning which mentioned that the browsing the net for viewing or downloading pirated copies may lead you to block websites and you may be punished for this offense. It also says that this URL has been blocked by the Bombay High Court under the Copyright Act and you will get three years in prison and about fined about Rs. Three lakhs for doing this offense. But these rumors were noted by the court, and they clarify the concept.

If you are searching for a movie and you find the link to the site blocked. Then, the government can’t put you in the jail for this offense because if the connection of the movie is stuck, then you would not be able to download the content from that link and if you failed to download the link, then how it could be punishable people also use apps like AZ screen Recorder and Pirate the movies from their phone by recording but all these acts are punishable

Justice G.S. Patel of Bombay High Court has clearly mentioned about this concept on 24th August. He said “I have noticed some media reports that comment on the fact that the error pages being displayed by various ISPs giving an impression that ‘viewing’ an illegal copy of a film is a penal offense under the Copyright Act, 1957. It is inaccurate. The offense is in making a prejudicial distribution, a public exhibition or letting for sale or hire without proper permission copyright-protected material and is not in view”.

Last year some of the websites in India were blocked on the plea of the owners of the movie.

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