Tips on how to choose a delivery company

The competition in shipping has been growing each day with the emergence of new carrier companies every single day. With that in hand, it’s very important to know who your customers are and their prospects to be able to choose the best freight or a supplier service provider.

The fact is that when a customer places an order through your website, they expect everything must be completed within the shortest time possible. They anticipate that they will receive their items within a very short period and at the same time in an effective way. This brief has every tip you have to take into deliberation when you are choosing a delivery company.

The price

The first thing that most people consider is how their delivery services are priced. Due to competition, you will find that many of them have differently priced services. To make a clear cut between them, you should consider whether their services are worth the amount they are asking for. What I am trying to mean is that you shouldn’t just go for the cheapest service but also consider the quality of their services.

Check the reviews

A good delivery company must have a review section where their prior customers can place their reviews. So, before you settle for any company, determine whether they have good reviews. You should as well check whether their prior customers are praising their services or they have many complains from their customer care And other services. Some companies such as make it easy for you to do a simple research and check what other people have been saying about their satisfaction with the company’s services.  

Customer service

The efficiency of your business will depend on how well their customer care is. I usually think that there’s nothing better than being able to talk to their customer care whenever there are any changes and get instant answers. One challenge that most people face in this business is the frustrations of not getting an instant response when something falls out of order.


There are many things involved throughout the logistics which can have some impacts on your peace of mind. When your products are not shipped or even are damaged along the way, it will bring a lot of peace of mind knowing that the company is insured and can always take care of the damages.

Safety and security

After you finalize the sales of a highly valuable good, you want to be sure that your parcel is secure throughout the shipping process. This is not always guaranteed when you get an insecure and a non-safe delivery company. What I am trying to mean is that the courier service you choose should be very secure and safe for any type of products you are shipping.


This refers to the speed of delivery regardless of whether you are facilitating an import or an export. The amount of time that the company takes for the transportation of the products is very vital. There are many instances when your customers want their deliveries fast enough. Some of them want their parcels delivered within the same day while others want a 1-2 days delivery. With that in mind, you know the type of a delivery service to go for.

Proof of delivery

When you are in the market as a retailer or as a business manager looking for a courier service to hire, you should consider whether the company offers a proof of delivery. It won’t make any good without knowing whether the items were delivered or not. For this reason, you should check whether they make it easier for your customers to track their parcels. This is very important when you are facilitating B2B shipping where there are many items involved and a fast delivery initiated.


The other thing that is very clear is that shipping logistics is part of supply chain. What this means is that in most cases, the person that manages the business supply chain should also be capable of managing the shipping. In this regard, you need a very reliable and effective delivery company to make sure every dimension of the company’s supply chain is working perfectly. This is especially the case with retail shops and many other types of businesses that relies of such companies for their business to continue.

The experience

It’s also advisable to check the amount of time that this company has been operational to make up your mind. In many cases a broad experience of the company will mean they have some additional tactics of making your business effective. So, consider the amount of years that the company has been in the market because startups can always hurt your business due to lack of good staff, network and lack of reliability.


The market reputation of every company including yours is very vital. The fact remains that many companies will rely on their trustworthiness and the credibility. This is easy, never pick a delivery company simply because they claimed to offer the best services out there go to the market and ask their customers how reliable the company is. This is what will help you make a decision based on the company’s reputation. You also have to verify the genuineness of the company based on what people are saying in the market.

Do they offer Drop Shipping?

This may sound as a mere factor but whether the company offers drop shipping or not will influence your business significantly. In simple terms, drop shipping is a process where the retailer doesn’t keep the items in stock but will transfer the customer orders to the manufacturer or another retailer  who will now ship the items to the customers. This is a very considerable decision especially when you are looking to cut the cost.

These are not the only factors to consider, you should also check their Terms of Service, the Offer and how reliable their services are. Always take your time so that you can land a better deal with time.

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