Software and Application to Design Clothes: Professional and Beginner Needs

Either you are a professional designer or just designing clothes for fun, there are several software and application to design clothes you have to consider.

Professional tech

There are a lot of applications and software for professional designers. First, you might want to consider a software and application to help drawing the pattern and the design of the clothes. There are Dress Assistant, NedGraphic Fashion Design, Cameo v5, and Kaledo by Lectra. These all are applications that help you drawing sketch of pattern and design of your clothes in details as if you are drawing it with your pencil on paper. It can help you drawing your design and make some copy of it. It is totally a great help for any professional fashion designer.


How about if you need to create the real look of the clothes? Don’t worry! There are also several software you can consider so you do not have to make every clothes you are designing. You can consider Virtual Fashion, Poser, Realistic and Apparel Back Template. Indeed by creating a real look of your design, it can be easier for you to communicate with your clients through the virtual 3D pictures made by the software and application to design clothes.

Software and fashion applications for amateur

How about the beginners? Or may people who just want to design their own clothes for fun? There are also several software and application you can consider. Take for example you can choose Continuum online application that gives you easy and practical features to draw your fashion ideas. Then, how to pick the best one? There are several things you have to pay attention.

clothes design with Continuum

First, the feature and gallery. Different from professional designers, the amateurs may need some help to draw the clothe patterns, you have to chose the simplest and easiest applications with simple feature. You also have to check the gallery of the application. Pick the one with a lot of basic pattern and various kind of fabric in the gallery.

Second, chose the online one. Instead of using any offline application, online application is better for it gives you a chance to even check the budget of the clothes if you really want to make it.

Third, download the free one. Since you are a beginner, it is really suggested for you to chose the free software. You cannot just waste your money on something you are not sure yet, aren’t you? There are a lot of free software and application to design clothes you have to consider.

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