Why is Web Hosting Security Crucial For Your Site?


Starting a personal website is a bold step to be proud of; whether it’s for blogging as fun or for commerce, security is a vital aspect that needs to be incorporated. Web hosting security is the concern here; without the protection, it can be upsetting to your business, mainly if it causes identity theft and even loss of revenue. Therefore it’s crucial to identify ideal security to assimilate, and if your host provides sufficient protection. Besides, WordPress web hosting solution is one way to solve security issues with your site. A WordPress website solely relies on the hosting provider, hence selecting a hosting WordPress website that can satisfy your needs is paramount.

Hosting a site comes with several challenges, and one of them is the reality of dealing with continuous data threats. Cyber villains trying to destroy or practice data theft are all over the web, aiming to get their way.  Therefore, security is an essential aspect of large and small commercial companies.

In fact, 61% of businesses have experienced some “internet of things” security matters; this demonstrates that web security matters are continuous and may not culminate soon. Cybercriminals can cause damage financially and psychologically.

Why is Security a Rising Concern?

Understandably, the internet is a connection between millions of computers, through network systems and can be accessed by anyone in public. Besides, it’s currently a preferred medium for business. Whenever there’s a potential of exploiting a system for the benefit of scandalous individuals, an attempt will occur.

Criminals have discovered opportunity on the internet, and they can do anything to attain their malicious objectives. Conceivably, billions of dollars are exchanged on the internet, and if these funds could be owned by these criminals, they’d always attempt anything. For this reason, producers and consumers are concerned with security, and this becomes their pressing concern when selecting a hosting security.

Who are the Culprits in Web Security?

Website attackers exist in different kinds, and they are there to attack your site for reasons best known to them. However, there are two main culprits, and the most common and intimidating one is the identity thief.

The two acclaimed attackers as per HostInpection record are:

  • Identity Thief. This is an individual who seeks an opportunity to collect data for personal gain. This illegal practice is commonly endured in crafty capacity; they try as much as possible to proceed unnoticed for a long time to maximize their attack and cause additional harm to people’s sites.
  • Operations’ disruptors. Typically, this group of hackers aims at causing disruption; they ensure that your website isn’t functioning appropriately. When your site is attacked, you’ll realize that your site is crippled and it remains in a downtime state for a prolonged period. Besides; you can encounter a loss of significant revenue.

Although they are not aggressive like identity thieves, they are there to cause mishap for their selfish intentions; with pride of how they can cripple an organization. What’s more, they are of the hit-disappear nature; subsequently, they proceed to put “graffiti” on your site and change the entire page to even express to you that they attacked.

Security Approaches You Need to Employ

Now you understand the kind of attacks that you’re likely to encounter once you release your site to the world. Subsequently, you’ll need to choose the kind of security measures to incorporate. Fortunately, HostingRaja a professional hosting company understands the sort of website security that site owners oblige. They listen to your plight and offer quality web hosting services.

Besides, if you aren’t sure of what to look for, you may need to put two things into consideration:

  1. Ensure your web host has managed hosting solutions; attends to their servers to offer a secure environment.
  2. Make sure the right tools are employed; for you to secure your site and its operations.

Looking for a quality web host to assess your website’s security encompasses the following:

  • SSL. Standing for Secure Sockets Layer SSL provides an encrypted route between the web server and the browser. When an SSL certificate is utilized, you can notice its presence by checking if there’s a locked padlock icon on the URL address (https:// unlike http://). If your site is basically for Ecommerce, SSL certificate is essential. This provides security to vital information, including that of banking, credit cards, and other personal data. Besides, hosting with free SSL can also be done, and you can rest assured of your site’s security.
  • SFTP. Perhaps, you’ve uploaded content to your hosting account, and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is something you’ve come across. With FTP client, you can drag your files to where you need them uploaded; then it gets accessible in your account.

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is more reliable and provides additional protection. Besides being robust, FTP is still susceptible to harm as files may be intercepted or altered with little or no alert. However, SFTP curbs this weakness; hence, you can check the availability of this preference through your web host.

  • Backups and Server Maintenance. Running backups is essential to any site. Concretely, 20% of businesses that face data loss significantly face customer loss as well; this is according to Acronis. Practicing regular maintenance and backups protects your data from being infected by mischievous files. Seek for available hosts that can provide backup tools for your site.

Conclusively, it’s prudent to seek a hosting company that offers a quality backup plan. Besides, suitable maintenance of the servers would go a long way when aiming to keep your site updated with the contemporary security concepts.   

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