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There is kind of stigma about Chinese smartphone. People all around the world think that the Chinese products come as the clones from the world popular brand such as iPhone. People can see the redline of Chinese smartphone products with the products from the world’s popular name of course but it does not mean that people can generalize that there is no good Chinese smart phone. The gadgets from Chinese manufacturers are pretty reliable actually with cheaper price. They just need to find further information about the Chinese smart phone which can be considered as the best they can get.

Honor 7

When people are talking about the best smart phone from Chinese manufacturer, there is no question that Honor 7 must be included in the list. It comes with all aluminum casing which can be a great competitor for Huawei Mate S or HTC One M9. It comes with various kinds of specification. It has the finger scanner which is made by Huawei. It is powered with chipset from Kirin 935 combines with 3GB of RAM as well as Android Lollipop. The main camera has 20MP resolution completed with OIS and the front facing camera has 8MP resolution completed with LED flash.


Xiaomi Mi 4c

People maybe will not expect too much from Xiaomi Mi 4c but it is sure that they will be blown away by this smart phone. The exterior can be unassuming but it comes with the high performance for low cost device. It comes with Full HD screen display which comes with 5 inches size. It also has other features including USB Type-C, Android Lollipop operating system, and fast charging ability. The power comes from Snapdragon 808 chipset combined with 3GB of RAM. The battery life is pretty impressive since it has 3,080mAh capacity.

Xiaomi Mi 4c

Huawei P8

People in the Unites States can find Huawei P8 in their country but they will not find the full version of this device. In fact, this smart phone can be one of the best Chinese smart phones which people should know. It is not cheap offers compared to Honor 7 and Xiaomi Mi 4c but it can offer people with much better performance. It has great appearance with slim and stylish design for its beautiful and metallic look. Of course it also comes with so many great goodies for enhancing the performance of this smart phone which makes it included in the best Chinese smart phone lists.

Huawei P8

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