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In June of 2017, 1st Franklin Financial was recognized as ‘Business of the Month’ by the Perry Area Chamber. The company was chosen and nominated by the Business Development Committee. You will find only a few companies that offer the sale and purchase of precious metal and opt for this as a business. So while purchasing precious metal or buying gold look for a reputable company.

Branch Manager at State Bank & Trust Company and Business Development Committee Chair, Cathy Speight, thanked everyone at the event for being present and awarded the manager of 1st Franklin Financial the Business of the Month Certificate.

Branch Manager Ford Wilson then introduced his staff and praised the employees for their hard work and dedication. He thanked the committee for presenting him the award and took a moment to share the story of how the business came into being.

President of the Perry Chamber, Darlene McLendon, thanked Wilson for 1st Franklin’s investments in the Perry Chamber and community for his continued sponsorship in the Annual Dogwood Festival. Wilson along with his staff, posed for a picture with the Chamber of Commerce board members, city officials, diplomats and other members as well.


1st Franklin Financial Corporation is a financial service provider with more than 300 loan offices in six states, including Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee. It is headquartered in Toccoa, Georgia, with a total of 1,485 employees across the Southeastern US.

1st Franklin Financial Corporation opened its doors in 1941. The corporation was founded by Ben F. Cheek Jr. and has seen four generations of family leadership. The current President and CEO of the financial corporation is Ginger Cheek Herring, who is the fourth generation of the company’s leadership.

Ginger has served as the President of the American Financial Services Association. She was appointed in 2017, at the 101st Annual Meeting of the association. The meeting was held in Washington, DC. She served a 1-year tenure at the association.


Lily Pad,a South Georgia child advocacy center, was visited by 1st Franklin Financial in 2013. After seeing first-hand the importance of Lily Pad’s assistance to children in the community, 1st Franklin Financial donated $40,000 to the facility to continue their work. Lily Pad was thankful for the amount and announced that the funding helped the facility continue their services for children across 31 counties.

In 2014, the Mississippi region of 1st Franklin Financial donated $50,000 to the Batson Children’s Hospital for their fundraising campaigns. In the same year, the Wiregrass Children’s Home received $25,000 from 1st Franklin Financial to cover food expenses for two years, transportation costs for three years, and a few years of utility bills.

In 2015, the March of Dimes received a check from 1st Franklin Financial and Crown Resources. Melissa Cox, a Senior Development Manager, expressed her gratitude for the generous donation. She explained that part of the amount was given to a neo-natal transport called Angel Two, which is a transport system for babies that need special care.

In 2016, the Dee Norton Lowcountry Children’s Center (DNLCC) in Summerville was thrilled to receive $35,000 from 1st Franklin Financial. The Executive Director, Carol Swiecicki, was thankful for receiving the amount and thanked the company for helping improve the lives ofchildren in Lowcountry.

The Medical University of South Carolina developed a Society of Honor Roll of Lifetime Members, for which 1st Franklin Financial is a part of the Founder’s Circle. The society is composed of members whose cumulative donations exceed $25,000.

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