Become a Pro at Virtual Bowling with the Best Bowling Games for Your Mobile Device

Do you love bowling games? Then grab your bowling shoes and get ready for the virtual world of strikes and spares! I’m an avid fan of bowling games, so I went on a hunt for the best-of-the-best out there. In the process of researching, I discovered a website called AppGrooves that actually has a top 10 list of the best bowling games, which I’ll link below.

Best 10 Arcade Bowling Games by AppGrooves

I decided to use this list as my starting point, and ended up discovering some of my favorite bowling apps of all time! Do you tend to gutter every ball when bowling with friends? Then there’s a real chance these arcade bowling games will be up your alley! I’ve included my favorite three apps for you to peruse, so you don’t have to put in a bunch of effort to hunt down worthy bowling apps.

PBA Bowling Challenge – Rating: 4.4, Downloads: 10M

PBA Bowling Challenge is fun because it’s a realistic bowling simulator with an impressive number of modes, beautiful graphics, and statistics you can easily monitor. With these statistics, you are able to track your successes in a variety of different leagues. Set personal records and bypass rivals as you show off your skills. Try your hand at split balls and bomb balls with 100 different bowling balls to choose from! You’re sure to have a good time as you improve your virtual bowling skills and rack up those high scores.

The more successful you become, the more expensive it is to take part in each bowling match. However, you can always make up the extra in-game cash by raising the energy cap or paying for energy refresh cheats. Either way, you will find yourself mastering Norm Duke’s high spin and the backswing of Tommy Jones in no time!

Pros: It’s a realistic bowling simulator that lets you keep track of your own statistics so you can improve your game.

Cons: You have to pay with in-game currency to participate in higher-stakes matches.

Overall: You can enjoy a bowling simulator that keeps track of your scores so you can view your own statistics, but you will have to pay more in-game cash to compete in high-level matches.

Let’s Bowl 2 – Rating: 4.3, Downloads: 500K

If you like earning points to access unlockables, this is the game for you! Every pin you hit earns you bowling bucks with bonuses for every strike and spare you hit. You can then use these bucks to unlock new balls and alleys, which is so much fun if, like me, you like customizing the setting in which you bowl. Let’s Bowl 2 also has really fun and immersive 3D graphics and physics, with leaderboards so you can compete against top scorers around the world! Not to mention, with new content coming regularly, there’s no time for you to get bored of bowling.

I’m not going to lie, earning those bowling bucks can be addictive, but be careful if you’re thinking of getting a new phone. Let’s Bowl 2 doesn’t let you transfer your winnings between different copies of the game, which means that if you get a new phone, you will likely lose all of your progress. Luckily, the gameplay is so fun that if you have to get a new phone, you’ll definitely have a great time playing it all over again!

Pros: You can unlock customizable features like new bowling balls and alleys, and see where you stand on the leaderboards.

Cons: You can’t transfer your progress from one mobile device to another.

Overall: You have the ability to customize your game with a variety of bowling balls and alleys and see your name on the leaderboards, but you will be unable to transfer your progress from one device to another.

Ball-Hop Bowling – Rating: 4.2, Downloads: 1M

If you also have a love of skeeball, then you should definitely check out this bowling-skeeball mashup, Ball-Hop Bowling. It has a physics engine that makes everything you do feel real-to-life. There is also a wide variety of fun unlockables so you’ll have a great time playing this arcade-style game even when you’re on the go! What’s really awesome is that you can play against your friends, rack up high scores, and earn prizes as you do it.

Ball-Hop looks and sounds really appealing. Just know that if you’re using Android Oreo (the eight major update of the Android system), you may run into a glitch where you only see a black screen. Luckily, there’s an easy workaround: make sure the app has access to the contacts in your phone’s settings and that’s it – all is well! Meanwhile, the Ball-Hop Bowling development team is currently working on a more permanent solution.

Pros: A unique mashup of skeeball and bowling with realistic physics and a variety of unlockables.  

Cons: Users of Android Oreo might experience a black screen glitch.

Overall: Experience a fun mashup of skeeball and bowling with a game that has realistic physics and loads of unlockables, just note that Android Oreo users might get a black screen when opening the app.


Regardless of whether you want a bowling game that’s realistic or a twist on two of your favorite games, you will be able to find exactly what you’ve been looking for with one of these three apps. Trust me, if you’re a bowling game fan, you’re going to want to give one (if not all) of these a try. So the next time you think about heading out to the alley, save some cash and try one of these great games instead!

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