Use The Top Running Apps To Get In Shape And Stay Healthy

A lot of people are asking which are the best running applications out there.  I decided to make a list with the top apps for runners that will help you with your running and fitness goals. Exercise has undoubtedly many benefits. And technology has evolved to support daily exercise through our smartphone apps.

It is important to know that most of these apps are very similar. For this reason, I am not going to go item by item what each app has and does not have. For example, most have a free service that offers basic analysis and mapping and also a premium service that costs a certain amount of money per year and gives training programs, deeper analysis and maybe live tracking.

So, instead of getting stuck in details, I am going to touch briefly on a few major points good and bad and then move on. Now, let’s talk about the top 6 running apps.

#1 “Map My Run”

“Map My Run” is owned by MapMyFitness which is a subsidiary of Under Armour. Now, the reason why a person my switch to “Map My Run” running application is because this can track more than just running.

But, for running, this is an amazing application. There are basically three tiers format my run: first, there is the free app that’s ad-supported, second, there the pro app that costs you $2.99 and then you have the MVP service which is $30 a year and that gives you heart rate analysis, live tracking and other features.

The main reason why I like “Map My Run” is that it has a great design, it has amazing social features and it connects with a lot of applications and devices directly. So, I think that it is a fantastic option for a lot of people out there and it will be hard for you to switch to another running application.

#2 “Runtastic”

It is the best application for a lot of people. Now, they also have a few different tiers: first, there the free application that is ad-supported, then there is the pro app that is $5 a year and the gold membership that is $20 a year. But, I think that for $5, for the pro application you get a lot with “Runtastic”.

“Whatever running application you have now, you may consider switching to “Runtastic” because it has a simple design, it does not get bogged down with too many social features and it is very easy to use”, advises Leandro of, a site about fitness and nutrition. You can also track other workouts, other than running such as Crossfit, Curling and Cycling.

It is very easy to connect the heart rate monitor, as well. So, I do think that “Runtastic” is the best application for the majority of running app-users. For only $5, you get a big variety of features in just a one-time charge.

#3 “RunKeeper”

This is a very popular running application. It’s pretty awesome with a great design, great social features, great charts and basically allows you to track more than just running. You can track all sorts of different workouts.  However, it is very difficult to work with your raw data, so switching into and out of run keeper it seems to be problematic. Also, it has a very expensive premium service that cost $10 a month or a $40/year option, as well.

Now, “RunKeeper” is really trying to become your fitness coach and be more than a mapping service. Therefore, it is trying to sell you Premium training plans and connect your with actual personal trainers. “RunKeeper” is nice but I would recommend you a few applications over it.

#4 “Strava”

This running application has a pretty strong following and basically it exists for runners and cyclists.  It is not bogged down by the need to monitor your other workouts and I think that it gets a lot of strength from the fact a lot of people really like this application.

It is ideal for people who want to burn body fat and drop some pounds. It gives you features to track and analyze your performance and check your weight-loss progress.

“Strava” has a premium service that is very expensive, it’s $60 per year or $6 per month but what is really nice is that the free application is really free and you also get a lot of information from this service for paying absolutely nothing. It is not even ads-supported so it has a very clean layout. The users of this application are very happy.

If you feel content with an application that is only for running and cycling, then “Strava” is suitable for you. It is easy to import your workouts directly from different Garmin products straight into “Strava”. It is a great running application for absolutely no dollars.

#5 MuscleTech App

MuscleTech is a big nutrition supplement company with a mission to help athletes of all levels improve their performance through scientifically designed effective supplements. They have created an app that provides information about all popular supplements so that athletes choose what is right for them. MuscleTech products can be purchased from at 20% off.

#6 “Nike+ Running”

This is a great application which I used it for a while. It’s very clean but it’s probably the most basic in terms of features. On the other hand, it is the easiest to pick up and start using day one. You can connect it with a heart rate monitor but it is slightly more complicated than with other applications. “Nike+ Running” also color codes your workouts based on your speed and then allows you to record some other information about it.

It is a good app and this is where all of your workouts from using the Nike GPS Sport watch will be stored. One note though is that if you start using Nike Running it is going to be difficult to change to another running app because you cannot transfer straight neither TCX nor GPX files.

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