Content Marketing Mistakes that Turn Readers Away

Content marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies applied by businesses today. Since every business is doing this, you have to do your best to stay ahead of your competition. Good content marketing starts with avoiding mistakes that turn your readers away. Below are the key one’s that should be avoided.

Focusing on quantity instead of quality

Rather than creating thousands of pages and stuffing them with keywords to rank high on search engines, you should focus on a few articles and blogs that will make your readers happy. Always keep this in mind and you are sure to have a loyal group of followers who will read your contents from time to time.

Invest time or money in creating content that will build trust and promote engagement with your target audience. With increased engagement, you can get more readers to convert into customers. Try your best to be interesting and to share something of value to your readers that they will surely appreciate.

If you focus on just quantity, you may rank high on search engines, but visitors will not spend even a single minute on your website because it doesn’t have anything valuable to offer to them. So make sure that the readers can get something out of it. If you can continually make your readers happy, they will surely be coming back for more and will be willing to be your loyal customers as well.

Bad site formatting and design

When someone opens your site, the first thing they look at is the formatting and design. If the site has a bad format, the visitor will lose attention immediately. Even with high quality, it will be difficult to engage potential consumers if your website is not appealing. Therefore ensure that your website is properly designed keeping your target audience. Once you have your content, format the text well and choose high quality and relevant images.

If you can do this, it will make it easier for your audience to read your contents. Also, make sure that your site is easy to navigate. Put the menu bar somewhere where it can be easily seen so the readers can check out the other pages of your site such as the products page or the “About” page.

Concentrating on sales pitch rather than useful information

You can write promotional content, but if your title promises something educational, focus on delivering that. If you promise the readers useful content and then you just turn it all into a sales pitch, you will turn them off. This can ruin the reputation of your company and leave a bad impression for your brand.

So that’s why it’s always important to focus on giving something to your readers first. Don’t go on and start selling them your products without educating them first why they need your products in the first place. It is important to let them know how it can benefit them or how your product can help them or their business.

Making it too complex

In an effort to sound smart to their audience, many marketers are using very technical language when writing the marketing content. This makes it difficult to understand. Even those who understand it may find the blog very boring. Thus, when writing your marketing content, write it in a language that can be easily understood by a majority of your target audience. You don’t impress your audience by using too many jargons. It will confuse them even more and will turn them off. Try your best to use simple language and terms that will be easy to understand.

Not including a call to action

Your content should provide valuable information to the reader and then give them a call to action at the end of it all. After learning something new from the content, you should direct them to the action that they need to take.


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