Easy Video Converter with 1000+ Available Formats

There is a time when we feel so annoyed because of the downloaded videos can be played in our gadgets. It is not because any trouble anyway. It is just for the format is not compatible with ours. Another problem if we want to watch movies with foreign language. The subtitle cannot be appeared for the same causes. So, what should we do if we experience such problems? Well, actually, you don’t need to download the same video one more time different format. There is a solution after all. it is by converting the format of current video using the video converter. Indeed, not all video converters provided out there are reliable. Many of them can even give you some other problems like slow process and more. That’s why; choosing the most trusted video is needed here. Among numerous converters available in the internet, there is one which is considered as the most recommended one, namely KeepVid. What are the reasons of choosing KeepVid anyway?


Of course, the easiness is one of the most important matters here. You must don’t want to experience any other troubles after downloading the wrong video format. All you want is probably just watching your favorite movie as soon as possible. Here it is. KeepVid comes with a very easy and practical way of converting the videos. Basically, there are only three steps to do; adding the file, select a file type, and choose output format. Under the bars, there is a blue button ‘Convert Now’, tap it and the process is just over.

Okay, you are probably still doubtful whether the converting process is fast or not. Actually, it depends on the file itself. For the big file like movies, of course, it needs a longer time. It is different from music videos in which the length is only in minutes. The process is even only in seconds. Meanwhile, it also depends on the speed of your internet connection. Yes, as this converter is in online system, its performance cannot be separated by the connection’s stability. However, it you compare this converter to the others, there is one exact conclusion; KeepVid is still the easier and faster up to 30 times.

More than 1000 Formats

Maybe, there are only some video formats you have known nowadays; they are MP4, FLV, 3GP, and only some others. Sure, the video formats are more than that. There are even more than 1000 formats that can be converted each others. Many others are just not really popular and rarely used. But sometimes, for certain necessities, you may need to use those unpopular video formats like for your study or work. Interestingly, KeepVid accommodates you this service. KeepVid provides thousand options of formats for your video to be chosen. Just follow the steps mentioned above and choose one of the formats available. Only in minutes and even seconds, the video can just be played and enjoyed.

Editing Videos

Despite providing media for converting, KeepVid gives you some other great features. One of them is if you want to edit your videos. This is basically not the main feature so that what offers are not as complete as other video editors. But this platform surely helps you so much particularly if you want easy and practical ways of editing. You can just upload your video and edit by clicking some options available. Fascinatingly, the results are not disappointing. For you who don’t have enough experience in term of video editing, this platform is really beneficial.

Compatible for Any Devices

So, what is your favorite device among all? Is it Smartphone, tablet, PC, or even TV? Many people love watching videos directly from the Smartphone for its practicality. Meanwhile, some others think it is better via PC or TV since bigger screen is more satisfying anyway. Whatever it is, there is a big chance you want to download the video directly from the gadget. When the video format is the one that is not compatible, you must want to convert it directly from the gadget as well. Here is good news for you since KeepVid is compatible for any devices. Of course, using KeepVid, you don’t need to download and install the app. Just open the website, upload the video and wait for the process. The videos are still there with different formats.

So, what are you waiting for? There is no time to crybaby just because the videos to watch are not compatible with your video players. For Free Online Video Converter, KeepVid is definitely the best answer.

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