4 Actionable Tactics for Boosting Customer Loyalty

Nothing is more valuable to a business than its loyal customers. Loyal customers contribute so much more than just sales to the growth of the business. They are often the leading edge of marketing for your products and will recommend the products they love to more potential customers.

In fact, businesses are starting to take customer loyalty seriously. There has been a steep increase in the number of loyalty programs and campaigns to boost customer loyalty across many industries. These four actionable tactics will help you boost your own customer loyalty immediately.

Listen to the Customers

There are two things you need to do in order to boost customer loyalty in an instant. First, you need to take customer feedback and integrate it into your product development workflow. Listening to the customers and taking their opinions as one of the factors that affect product development will turn everyday customers into loyal ones almost immediately.

The next part of this equation is letting others know about those customers. When a customer’s idea gets implemented, make sure you credit that customer. This will also persuade others to engage with your products and your brand in general.

Create a Smoother Journey

User experience plays an important role in the success of a business today. Businesses that maintain a large number of loyal customers do so by maintaining a smooth and streamlined user experience. You too can achieve the same results by managing your customer journey and fine-tuning every part of the user experience to perfection.

By allowing existing customers to make a purchase in one or two fewer steps, for example, you’re already a step further in boosting customer loyalty. Making the built-in search function of your e-commerce site more intuitive is another tactic that can be implemented right away.

Feature Your Top Fans

It is also worth noting that brands are now making real efforts in developing communities around them as a way to appreciate their loyal customers. OnePlus, Xiaomi and even Airbnb are among the brands whose communities play important roles in growing their customer bases.

The easiest way to tap into the community side of the customers is by getting them involved in your brand’s online activities. A good way to get started is by featuring top fans – or customers with the highest lifetime value – in your social media posts. Say thank you, send rewards, and appreciate those fans to attract more.


Lastly, reward loyal customers by sending them things they don’t expect. The next time you send a loyal customer’s order, include an extra T-shirt or other merchandise as a bonus; you can also Invite a loyal fan to a special dinner for loyal customers.

These freebies tend to not be worth (cost) much, but they show how much you care about your loyal customers. The more people hear about how much you appreciate the top fans and loyal customers, the more will look into your products and services too.

All of these tactics are easy to implement. They don’t require a big budget or a lot of effort to execute, but they are very effective in boosting customer loyalty. If you’re looking for ways to grow your business further, now is the perfect time to invest in customer loyalty and the customer lifetime value in general.

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