How to choose the best International Removal Company?

How to choose the best International Removal Company


There was a time when traveling was a real bear. It was slow, time-consuming, and really uncomfortable. Our ancestors used to travel by sea route as it was a convenient medium at that time but with the passage of time, we can now travel to any place without wasting time, all due to technological advancement. In today’s world, a lot of companies are present that help you to travel from one place to another with all your belongings.

Reasons why people Emigrate:

Long ago, tribes roamed here and there in search of pasture, food and in search of better climatic conditions. Immigration has existed during the whole history of mankind. Even in 21st century, a lot of families are moving overseas for one reason or the other. Some reasons are listed below:

  • In search of better job opportunities.
  • Due to some health issues.
  • Due to political instability in their country.
  • In search of a better life for their children.
  • For a new experience.
  • To get more retirement services.
  • Due to weather conditions.
  • The major problem faced by immigrants:

When someone decides to shift from one country to another, the first thing that comes to his mind is shifting his luggage. Almost all of us are using a hundred household things, without which living is not possible. So, if you want to move to another country, either you have to carry all your luggage with you or have to buy a new one. We suggest you to move your luggage to your desired country instead of buying new things. But a question comes in mind that how can we shift all these things. It’s quite simple. There is a hundred moving companies that are offering safe transfer of your luggage.

How to choose the best International Removal Company?

If you are willing to change country and want to shift all your luggage to a new country, you have to choose an International Removals company. Well, it is a difficult task. But we will make it easy for you. While choosing International Removal Company, you have to keep the following things in your mind :

Properly Licensed :

While looking for an International Removal Company, make sure that the company is properly licensed. A license is needed if you want to travel through sea. So it’s necessary for a removal company to have a proper license. Following are name of some of theselicenses:

  • FMC- Federal Maritime Commission.
  • FIDI- Is perhaps the most prestigious accreditation an international moving service can have.
  • AMSA- American Moving and Storage Association.
  • IAM- International Association of Movers.
  • DOT- Department of Transportation.
  • OTI- Ocean Transport Intermediary.
  • NVOCC- Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier.
  • Get Recommendation:

If you get recommendation regarding a removal company, go with it after analyzing properly. If your relative or a friend is operating a removal company, we recommend you to prefer that company after analyzing properly

Insurance :

This is the most important consideration when choosing an international removal company. Although traveling is safer nowadays than in the past, accidents can happen anytime. So make sure the removal company is providing you an insurance plan for your luggage.

Economical charges:

There are a lot of companies that overcharge some customers. So make sure you are paying a suitable amount for your luggage.

Use professional packing service:

Many of the removal companies are now providing packing services. They pack your luggage professionally. So ask your removal company to pack your luggage professionally.

Deliver to your new home:

Some removal companies after payment drop your luggage at their storage and ask you to take luggage to your new house. It is their responsibility to drop your luggage at your doorstep safely. So, make sure your removal company is promising for you to deliver your luggage at the door.

Professional experience:

A removal company must be familiar with international freight law. Make sure your company has a good market recognition and reputation. A well-reputed company never compromises on the quality of services.

Our recommendation:

There are a hundred international moving companies, but only a few are authentic and never compromise on the quality of services. Considering the above mentioned qualities, we recommend the following company:

“StorageSolutions” offer prime quality of services. So if you are willing to move your luggage, “StorageSolutions” is a good option.

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