How to Find Your Electric Skateboard and Accessories?

Electric skateboard became extremely popular in the 1990s and there are still many young people who love skating around on board. But, finding the rightest skateboard is a bit challenging. If you are looking for on the tool as well as the accessories, I-Wonder Power is the right place to go.

I-Wonder’s Overview

I-Wonder Power is a manufacturer that specializes in producing electric skateboard and scooters along with the accessories. The products of the manufacture come with elegant design and an incredible value to enable you to play on the board with style. In addition, the technology and engineering make it possible for the company to create scooters and skateboards with an innovative design that is eco-friendly. The manufacturer has been around for more than 8 years and holds certificates such as CE UN38.3 MSDS ROHS FCC that guarantees all of the products created. Not only that, but the I-Wonder Power also utilizes 18650 LG Lithium battery that is considered to be the safest lithium battery for skateboards now. All of the products manufactured also come with high quality and they have 12 months warranty. The company is also supported with experienced and skillful technical team to make sure that the products are high in quality. The production process is having a strict quality control system and all of the products are tested before they are marketed. Besides the scooters and skateboards, I-Wonder Power also produces solar panels with the latest technology made of polycrystalline. This kind of solar panel is flexible and foldable. This will enable the users to store and transport it whenever it is necessary. Solar lights, solar power, refrigerators, freezers, and solar inverters are some other products manufactured by I-Wonder. With years of experience in skateboard manufacturing, the company’s clients now do not only come from the US only. What about the price? Well, the company offers competitive prices for the products provided and the customers will get the best from what they pay for. Just keep in mind to never cheap out whenever you want to buy a skateboard since the price will always in line to the quality.

3 Reasons to Choose the Manufacturer

I-Wonder comes with a specific purpose to continue the innovation in the electric skateboard production and also become the pioneer to manufacture products with the longest range, the most powerful, and advance technology on the market now. Here are reasons to pick up the products made up by the company.

1. Sand-Proof Motor

Note that all of the products created by the company applies sand-proof motor. They utilize a silicon steel sheet with 0.15mm thick made of Kawasaki Japan. The silicon steel sheet comes with high-temperature magnets of SH series. The silicon sheet will make it possible for the skateboard to become more efficient by up to 93% on using the motor. In addition, the sheet made of silicon steel can also function to low the heat at the same time. In this way, your skateboard will be in low temperature for a longer time when you play with it.

2. Flexible 18650 Battery

One of the most important components in electric skateboard to make it perform highly is the battery. The manufacturer uses 18650 battery which is very popular with its flexibility. This is a lithium battery to help the skateboarders improve comfort riding. The battery is also much safer if compared to the other products. Not only that, but the power resulted can also last longer. In this way, you can play the skateboard for a long time without being worried about running out the power of the battery fast.

3. FOC Vector Control System

All of the skateboard products are also completed with FOC vector control system. This the most advanced braking system ever created in the world. this FOC vector control system applies the world’s first technology that will allow the users to adjust the braking force freely.

How to Choose Electric Skateboard in I-Wonder

To pick up the rightest electric skateboard, there are some things that should be your consideration. First, you have to select among three types of skateboards, they are shortboard, longboard, and penny board. If you want to just use the board for transportation only, the longboard or penny board will be a perfect choice. But if you want to be able to perform various tricks with the board, a shortboard will be ideal. Never assume that the shape of a skateboard is always flat. In fact, there are many options of shapes that you can pick such as progressive, radial, asymmetric, w-concave, convex, flat-cave, and much more.

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