Simple Gadgets that Improve Dementia Patients’ Life Quality

Alzheimer is one of the most killing diseases in the country; it got the sixth position. The amounts of sufferers are also always increasing; one Alzheimer diagnosed patient in every 67 seconds. For the great increasing numbers, everyone should concern about it. Some technologies for living dementia have supported the patients so they and their caretakers can have more comfortable life.

Brief and Clear Clocks

Difficulties to track the time is one of the problems faced by those with dementia. They always get difficulties to see the time showed on an analog clock. So, it is better to give them a brief and clear clock; a digital clock that is also showing day and month information. The numerical time will be easier to notice. Moreover, more information like weather, day of the week, day or night, etc. can also give more comfort for the living dementia.

Motion Sensor Lights

Motion Sensor lights can also become one of technologies for living dementia. The commonly office device helps conserving energy. The helpful function of the light can be gotten at night because it can prevent the living dementia from falling. The living dementia often forgets about the light function, so the light may help. However, it comes with alarm so you should make sure it will not make them afraid.

Specially Designed Dining Set; EatWell

Specially designed dining sets will help living dementia to have more comfortable meal times. For they are often confused by the common dining set, the specially designed by designer Sha Yao will help the patients to get rid of frustration in the meal time. They will spill less food and eat more. The design is made with appetite stimulating bright colors, sloping bowl, and thorough detail that are special for the patients.

Low Technology Labels

Never allow the living dementia to use high technology things in daily life since it might worsen their condition. Low technology things can give better impacts because they can use it with less effort. Make some labels from pieces of paper to navigate the living dementia to each room such toilet, bedroom, closet, etc. It will ease their life even though they should live alone.

Movement Sensors and Pressure Mats

Movement sensors can be one of the helpful technologies for living dementia and the caregivers. Invented by a 15 years old student, it will warn the caregivers whenever the living dementia move unexpectedly and suddenly. Meanwhile, the pressure mats could be applied on bed or on the floor. When the patient gets up or steps on the mat, it will be alerting.

GPS Tracking

The technologies for living dementia look great with GPS tracking because the patients can be tracked whenever they have wandered. The tracking devices are available in the form of pendant and shoes that are placed under the sole.

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