Why is SEO important for your business?


SEO is one of the most misunderstood terms in today’s ever evolving arena of digital marketing. Over the past decade or so, SEO has become the undoubted king of digital marketing and business success. It allows businesses to market their products at both a micro and macro level to an almost unlimited audience.  SEO allows the targeting and pre-empting of consumer decisions at incredible scale, meaning today’s business’ practically live or die by this kind of marketing. The hype is well justified, and the results and success stories have made understanding the concept of SEO, vitally important for any business. 

SEO is a very reliable marketing tool that can capture the attention of potential customers to your business through such as guest post services. Countless ranking research from specialists such as MOZ has shown that SEO is more powerful and reliable than any other mode of traditional marketing such as TV, print ads and billboards. We recommend checking out their SEO 101 for some great examples.

In fact, SEO doesn’t even interrupt potential customers while they are watching TV, possibly causing them to associate your brand with a negative feeling of disruption. Instead you are right in front of them when they want and need your product or services. For example, a customer has need, they open their favourite search tool eg. Google, search for the keywords they need, and if your SEO is on point, your product will be visible to them. Directly leading customers to your business at the exact time they are ready to purchase.

Though SEO is quite reliable, like any other marketing strategy it’s not a magical solution. What SEO does provide, however is a multitude of business advantages such as business credibility, higher ROI, increased website traffic, and business visibility. Meaning your business is primed and ready for growth.  To understand this in more detail, we recommend checking out this great article from the team at Noop SEO Perth on the importance of SEO and how it relates to competitive advantage. It’s provides excellent insight of the concept of SEO, and how it can help businesses of any size.

SEO has the power to:

Increase brand and business visibility

When people search for a keyword on Google, they will probably be clicking the first few search results to get the product they want. In today’s world of instant consumer gratification, searchers don’t invest much time and energy browsing through search results beyond the first page. Therefore, it is critical to optimize your products and business using the right keywords. When you pre-emptively optimise keywords relevant to the products and services you provide, SEO will enable your products and services to appear on the top search results.  A new customer will simply find you amongst the first few search results and click to find out what you can offer. So, it is extremely important to implement SEO appropriately for your brand to enhance business visibility.  

 Enhance brand and business credibility

Customers trust search engines. They trust that when they search a keyword for their required product, they will be given the best results. Therefore, its assumed the first results reflect a perceived credibility. Customers may not realize this, but at a subconscious level the higher ranking of your business, the more credible it appears for customers. When a person searches for the product and all the keyword lands them on search results from your pages, it implies that your company is reliable, and that’s the reason why your business appears at the top of search top results.

Maximize web traffic 

It is a given that when users click on the top search results, they will land on your page. The higher the ranking of your page, the more traffic your business will get. Maximizing the traffic of your website means there’s not only greater ranking and money earning money, but it sets the stage for business growth.

Ok so to wrap up let’s just say SEO is one of those exceptional times you can safely “believe the hype”. It’s the main way to get your business in front of almost unlimited targeted customers worldwide. Whether your focus is local or global SEO has the power to get you there!

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