Tips To Make a Good Fans Base

Social media has multifunction not only as a media which connect people from far away, person to person, but also as business marketing. Nowadays, when you talk about business marketing you will find it in social media. There are a lot of people which use social media to promote their brands and product. One of the social media which is identical with business marketing is facebook. Moreover, facebook has application for facebook business to help the owner of the business develop their marketing especially in facebook.

One of the several benefits which be a reason in choosing facebook and the other social media to promote brands and products is each user of it has connection such as A and B are friends of C, and then C is relatives of A and D, etc. this connection can be used to make a fans base which will improve the business marketing and rise the popularity. The fans base is not used only for brand and product of business, but also can be used a fans base for idol or fan of a celebrity which unite at the fans base.

For you who want to make a fans base, here are some tips to built and manage fans base in facebook optimally.

Decide the target or object of the fans base

When you are going to make a fans base in facebook, it means you have a certain aim in making it such as if you are a business owner you make the fans base to develop your business, if you are an artist or artists manager, you make the fans base to promote the artist, and the others. Since the aim is different each other so the target of the fans base will also different.


As for business, there are a lot of kinds of business which the target will be different for sure. You may decide it from the geographies, ages, gender, job, etc. in other words, you must match the target of the fans base with kind of business you run. For example when you have fashion brands for your business, what is the target of your fashion brand, is it man or woman? Is it young or old? Etc.

Match the style with the kind of fans

Then, after you’ve decide the target of the fans base, you must match and suit it with the style. it means you have to suit the target of the fans base with the style of writing, the word selecting when you are writing status, and writing comments. And also style of the content which you share in facebook.

For example in selecting the style which will suit young people, you must use simple language and give the appearance of the fans base be eye-catching. The content you share must be content which has interesting topic for the young people. The content which attends for young people will be different which attend for the old people. Still, besides you must suit the content with the target of the fans base, you also must match it with the business you run.

Complete with promotion

After you’ve done all the tips above, now you need to do some promotion to attract the fans to join the fans base and buy the brands of your business. You may apply advertisement for doing the promotion. Even applying advertisement has to pay the cost, but it will be affective. It is not a wrong option by choosing to make an advertisement even you must pay the cost because it will be infestation for you to get more fans and develop the business.

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