Li-Fi Connection: Be Prepared to Say Good Bye to Wi-Fi

Li Fi Technology

Do not get satisfied with the performance of internet connection at your house even though you have Wi-Fi connection. The scientists are now working on a new method of data transfer, which they call Li-Fi connection. The new technology is now being tested for office purpose. The good news is that the scientists claim that the new internet connection facility will much faster than Wi-Fi.

Li-Fi connection is claimed to be 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. This faster data transfer is resulting from the use of visible spectrum, instead of radio waves now used in Wi-Fi connection. With a speed of up to 1 Ggigabit per second, it will provide more than enough support for business, office, or industrial purpose. Now, let’s see more about the upcoming Li-Fi connection technology.

How Li-Fi Connection Works

The term Li-Fi is derived from visible light communication (VLC) technology. It delivers networked mobile communication that resembles Wi-Fi but in a much faster way. As it makes use of visible light, the data transfer process occurs in the presence of a light source (which may be an LED bulb), a photo detector, and an internet connection.

An LED light bulb will emit a constant stream of protons, which are known as visible light, when it is exposed to constant current. The same process applies to data transfer. An LED light bulb can be used to transmit high-speed information when it receives constant current. The data transfer process is facilitated by a photo detector device.

What Li-Fi Connection Promises

The scientists are optimistic that Li-Fi connection technology will provide huge advantages, from faster data transfer, reduced device interference to more secured data communication. They are optimistic that the public will enjoy the technology within 3 to 4 years. If so, imagine how the light bulbs, which you use every day in your house, will serve double purposes, namely to supply sources of light and to transfer data. However, whether the Li-Fi connection will enable you to work outside or not remains to be answered.

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