3 Inverter With Battery Prices To Check In India

Just like our phones need batteries and chargers to function, the same goes for inverters. The primary difference is that their batteries have to be purchased separately and do not come inbuilt. The battery is considered to be the backbone of an inverter, if you do not have a battery your inverter is of no use.

This is because an inverter battery provides constant current to inverters, which in turn provides it to electrical appliances, thus helping them run during outages. A compatible battery helps in optimizing performance and increasing the shelf-life of the inverter.

It can be slightly daunting to purchase an inverter with battery price when there are so many batteries in the market. So, let us help you by listing some of the top-performing and popular inverter batteries present in the market. 

1. Luminous Inverlast – ILTT 18048N Tall Tubular Battery

Inverlast - ILTT 18048N

Image Source: Luminous 

Luminous’s Inverlast range of tall tubular batteries has become exceedingly popular since they can withstand frequent and lengthy power outages. This is possible because of the thick tubular plates employed in the construction. 

This particular inverter with battery price in the Inverlast series has a capacity of 150Ah. Additionally, as compared to regular tubular batteries it offers 30% more acid per Ah, thus increasing the duration of its functioning. The sealed plastic housing makes this battery highly durable. This battery has a warranty of 60 months, wherein 36 months is flat and the remaining 24 months is pro-rata. The inverter with battery price of this model is ₹19,850. 

2. Luminous Red Charge RC 25000 Battery

Battery 200 Ah - RC25000

Image Source: Luminous

The Red Charge is an economical range of tubular UPS batteries offered by Luminous. The Red Charge RC 25000 has a capacity of 200Ah and a voltage of 12. The plates in this inverter with battery price incorporate tubular technology that makes them robust. This inverter battery employs low antimony alloy in its composition that results in the battery requiring low maintenance. The tubular technology provides this battery with exceptional overcharge tolerance, making it suitable for areas with lengthy power shutdowns. Since this battery is factory charged, it is ready to use. Simply plug it with the inverter and you are good to go. 

This battery has a warranty of 36 months (18 months flat and 18 months pro-rata) and is priced at ₹19,320. 

3. Luminous Gel Battery IGSTJ18000

Battery 150 Ah - IGSTJ18000

Image Source: Luminous

Apart from tubular batteries, Luminous also offers high-quality gel batteries. The IGSTJ18000 is a highly-rated gel battery. The electrolyte in this battery is present in an immobilized gel form. As a result of the electrolyte gel, this battery does not require top-ups of distilled water, making it maintenance-free. Furthermore, this battery does not emit any fumes, so it can be placed even in areas that have no ventilation. The absence of any emissions makes this battery environment-friendly too. 

This particular gel battery has longer life as compared to ordinary gel batteries because energy is extracted evenly from the tubular plates. The usage of the tubular plates helps in providing greater backup per cycle, while the gel guarantees up to 20% more power

Keeping its capacity in mind, this inverter gel battery can provide a backup of 3 hours wherein the power requirement is 400W. 

The IGSTJ18000 gel battery has a flat warranty of 36 months and a pro-rata warranty of 12 months and you can purchase it for ₹22050 

Select and Purchase the Best Inverter With Battery Price

These are some of the highly-rated inverters offered by Luminous in the market. In case you want more options, you can visit Luminous’s official website where there are even more varieties of excellent inverters and inverter batteries to choose from. 

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