Samsung Galaxy TabPro S: The Answer to Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Microsoft Surface Pro tablet has invited competitors from famous names like Dell, Apple and Lenovo, but the new Samsung tablet proved itself to be worthy competitor to Surface Pro. While Samsung might be a little late in jumping to the competition with Surface, Samsung Galaxy TabPro S came with several upsides that make the tablet worth consideration. With powerful performance, long-lasting battery and compact structure, the TabPro S is definitely a great competitor even to Surface Pro 4.

Features of Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Tablet

At first glance, you can immediately see how light and thin this Samsung tablet is. At 6.33 mm of thickness and 1.53 pound of weight, this tablet excels even the Surface Pro, which has 8.45 mm thickness and 1.69 pound of weight. Even if you add the included keyboard to the device, the extra thickness is just about 4.9 mm. This is definitely a plus from design spec, since you can easily carry it with one hand or put it in your purse, backpack or briefcase without competing for space with the other stuffs.

However, do not get fooled with appearance; this super thin tablet packs surprisingly powerful features and performance. Here are some main features in Samsung Galaxy TabPro S:

  • 12 inch AMOLED display. TabPro S is the first tablet that has this kind of display, which provides sharp colors and high quality display for various tasks, including watching videos and seeing photos.
  • Powerful processor and performance with Dual Core Intel M-Series 1.51 GHz, with 4GB RAM and 128GB of solid drive. The TabPro S is great for multitasking or opening several apps at once with only very slight reduced performance.
  • Longer battery life than similar products. Compared to other similar products (including the main competitor, Surface Pro), Samsung Galaxy TabPro S has longer battery life. The battery capacity is about 10.5 hours after fully charged.
  • Keyboard cover with magnetic parts to attach it more securely to the tablet.
  • Responsive touchpad for both single-finger and multitasking maneuvers.

For a first generation product intended to be a competitor of Surface Pro, Samsung did quite a great job in performance, especially with a tablet so thin and light.

Downsides of Samsung Galaxy ProTab S Tablet

Despite having quite powerful performance, this Samsung tablet is not without some flaws. Although the tablet uses Intel Core, it can still experience some lagging when you run multiple apps at once. The main complaint about this Samsung tablet so far is the keyboard cover. The design of the keyboard is so close together, so it can be uncomfortable when you type. It is probably okay for light typing job, but will not be convenient if you have to type a lot and quickly (it is easy to make typo with such keyboard). The keyboard cover is also a bit inconvenient; while it strong and not going off quickly, you need to remove the magnetic parts just to close the tab.

Despite some light flaws, Samsung Galaxy ProTab S is definitely a worthy contender for Surface Pro, especially since it is just the first generation product.

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