How To Stretch Your Comfort Zone And Advance Your Career

Every once in a while people need to break out of their routine and do something they wouldn’t normally do, but what if we told you that this can actually be beneficial for your career? Whether you’re going for a mountain climbing trip, or you just signed up for a martial-art class, things we know little about can actually help us face our fears – and win. While it’s not always easy to stretch your comfort zone, this guide is here to help you do it and show you how it can help your career while doing it.

Be More Productive

By staying within our comfort zone we lose the ambition to do more than what’s required because our routine makes us feel secure and comfortable. But being uncomfortable about something will actually make you more receptive to new things. The fact is that comfort is a productivity killer and pushing you to try and do new things will not only help you get more work done but also do it in a smarter way. By leaving your comfort zone and doing something you’re not prepared for, you’ll build up readiness for future challenges.

Increase Your Creativity

It only makes sense that being open to new ideas, seeking new experiences, and constantly learning new things will help you become more creative. Inspiration is extremely important for our everyday lives, but also if we’re looking to advance our careers. It’s the very fuel that makes us want to go forward, and there’s no better way to get inspired than to constantly experience new things. By leaving your routine and spending some time in your uncomfortable zone, even for a short while, you’ll help your brainstorming sessions and possibly be able to see what you thought you knew in a brand new light.

Learn to Dance

It sounds intimidating, I know. And that’s exactly the point – you need to feel intimidated by your goal if you really want to stretch your comfort zone. Learning to dance can be extremely beneficial for your physical and mental health, but until you’re good at it, it will constantly help you break your routine. You’ll also sleep better, and become more comfortable with your body and gesticulation. You can go with something more traditional like tango, or if you feel you’re really up to the challenge, contemporary dance might be just the thing for you.

Change Your Morning Routine

Most of us have a morning routine we don’t like to change one bit, but doing exactly that might just help you change the rest of your day too. Even if you have a great morning routine, you’ll want to switch it up from time to time and do something extraordinary. Instead of reading the newspapers while drinking coffee, you can go for an early swim to the nearest pool, or go cycling up the nearest hill. Mornings are what sets up for success for the rest of the day, so try to mix it up a bit and it will certainly reflect on your productivity and creativity too.

Martial Arts

This may seem like a bad idea for many but bear with me. Training martial arts isn’t all about fighting, it’s about spending energy and clearing your mind as well. It will also help you lower the stress level, and if you go for evening training you can forget about all those sleepless nights. If you’re training martial arts, you’ll sleep like a baby. Overall, your self-confidence will increase and it will make you more open to any challenges you might face during your work hours. Pick Karate if you want to avoid sparring sessions, or go with Muay-Thai if you’re okay with getting hit.

Move Away

One of the best ways to stretch your comfort zone is to just get away from that place where you’ve been living for a long time. Yes, we mean it, sell your house and just move to a new location. Everyone has a secret wish where they always wanted to live, so why not just go on and do it – now? It will give you a fresh start and a chance to review your life, let go of the past and welcome the future in a brand new light. In addition, follow the green trend and rent Boomerang Moving Boxes for a fresh next phase of your new life.


Trying something new every day can have great benefits not only for our mental health but also for our professional careers. Routine can be a good thing sometimes, but if you’re never leaving your comfort zone you’ll be missing on so much in your life. This guide tried to showcase some of the ways you can mix things up, but it’s up to you to come up with a perfect plan for yourself and stretching your comfort zone. Be creative, do something crazy, and it puts a smile on your face you’ll know it was worth it.

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