How Much of a Car is Recyclable?

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One of the major questions that motorists ask car dealerships is how much of a car is recyclable and how much cash for junk cars they would get. Well, the answer varies depending on where you live.

The percent of an automobile that can be recycled varies based on the type of materials used in its construction, but fortunately, many cars can be considered 100% recyclable.

For example, if you own a steel-bodied tractor-trailer, it might turn out to be worth more to recycle than trying to sell it whole because so little will get damaged during the recycling process. Recycling becomes an equally attractive option if aluminum or other lightweight alloys are used in your vehicle’s body panels or bumpers.

Many countries worldwide have mandatory recycling laws in place for motor manufacturers and owners alike, so if you own a car, it’s almost undoubtedly eco-friendly enough to be recycled without much concern.

Recycling Vehicles

We all know that we should recycle, and it is becoming more and more important to do so with the high demand for oil across the world. But what about when you need to get rid of your car? If you’ve been curious about cash for junk car recycling, check out the guide below on how much of a vehicle can be recycled.

So we researched some great sites and compiled some key info that may help others get rid of their unwanted vehicle. We were surprised by some numbers, though – did you know that there has been an increase in processing hybrid cars because these cars have a higher metal content? That means some parts on a hybrid vehicle that would usually be discarded can now be recycled!

Responsible Recycling

The car recycling process is pretty straightforward. Once you have determined that you can’t repurpose your car any longer, the next step is to get rid of it responsibly. You can start by getting cash for junk cars at a scrapyard/junk dealer.

You can bring your car to them, or they can come and tow away your old ride and send it to be recycled, where valuable metals will go back into production while other materials are turned into valuable items such as oil drums, concrete bricks, road signs, etc. Some places won’t take hazardous materials such as batteries and tires because they pose different problems when being recycled.


Now with some operating numbers in mind, we’ll look at recycling a car. With the sheer amount of materials used to make a vehicle, it’s no wonder that metal, glass, and plastic are always in demand, and you will likely get some cash for junk cars with these. Almost everything on your average automobile can be recycled except for things like fibreglass bodies, where there’s just little market for this product other than scrap value.

You’ll mostly find steel when recycling cars because it is the most common material used in car production. Steel is light yet strong enough to build an entire vehicle which explains why manufacturers love it!

  • Did you know – Aluminum is one of the most expensive metals to produce but only makes up 1% of the weight in your average automobile? It is usually saved for smaller parts such as engine blocks, while steel will go into more commonly seen parts such as car bodies.
  • Did you know – Glass is mainly recycled because it can be made into so many different things! It’s used to create new bottles and jars, has industrial uses such as sandblasting, and hospitals even use it for examination rooms.
  • But what about plastic? Well, there’s lots of great news here too! Plastics are the most versatile materials on earth, and this means they’re always in high demand, no matter how old they are. Manufacturers like them because they last a while, yet every item that comes from plastic returns to its original state during recycling; Take milk jugs or pop bottles; for example, they get broken down and the material used again.


If you look around your car, you can find lots of recycled plastic! The dashboard is usually made from recycled milk jugs, while the bumpers are often filled with old pop bottles. In total, about 30% of a vehicle’s weight comes from recycled materials, which isn’t bad considering most cars weigh over 1-2 tons! So next time you’re thinking of getting rid of an old beater, remember that recycling is not only good for the environment, but it might even benefit someone else too.

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