Things that Make GTHost Dedicated Server USA Affordable than Any Other Servers

Most of the dedicated server providers are offering a cheap server for the website owners. The problem is that they give a cheap price because they also reduce the performance of the server. As a result, you are not achieved what you are looking for although you are using a cheap dedicated server. Dedicated server USA presented by GTHost is different from those servers. One of the benefits is that you can get an affordable dedicated server USA. The most important thing, the provider doesn’t reduce the performance of the server. Let’s find out the way they give you an affordable dedicated server with high-quality performance.

Set Up Service

There is a case that you have to pay for the setup service if you want to set up a dedicated server. As a result, you have to spend extra money only for the setup cost. Of course, it seems impossible to set up the server by yourself. The reason why a dedicated server by GTHost is affordable is that they don’t charge the setup service. Anytime you take the service from this provider, you get a free set up. At the same time, you still have a website with fast performance.

Professional Customer Service

The cost of the dedicated server USA is affordable because you will be supported by professional customer service. The customer service is ready to help you 24/7. You just need to send the detail of your problem and let them handle it right away. Because of that, you can use your website back right away to limit the serious risks. The customer service explains everything clear, brief, and simple so the users are easy to understand the problem as well as what they have to do to solve the problems. The customer service also has enough experience to handle any kind of problems related to the dedicated server system and its installation.

Low Latency Rates

There are two important factors which make your website run fast and smooth. Those are high speed and low latency rates. A high-performance dedicated server needs to have those important factors. By spending your money to buy a dedicated server from GTHost, you will get a fast dedicated server along with low latency rates. You don’t have to spend extra money only to get this benefit. This is the reason why the dedicated server is more affordable than any other dedicated servers on the market. Because of that, you will have a website which is easy to load and it increases the comfort of the visitors. Moreover, it also gives a good impact to the visitors because they can learn the point of your website right away. Just imagine how frustrated the visitors are if they have to deal with a slow speed website.

Unmetered Bandwidth

This service is making GTHost is different from any other dedicated server providers on the market. Most of the providers give limited bandwidth and sometimes, it is too small to accommodate their high online activities. To overcome this problem, GTHost is offering an unmetered bandwidth. The benefit of this service is that you can keep the cost on the budget. The most important thing, you don’t have frustrated with the low performance of the website. Instead of that, your website will have a better performance than before. In some cases such as where there is an improvement in the volume of the traffic, you have to pay for an extra fee. Because of the unmetered bandwidth, you don’t have to do that which means that you can gain as many as the traffic you like without paying for additional fees. As a result, you can develop your website maximally such as offering some promotions, sales, or events to gain more traffic without worrying about the additional charge.

In-House Maintenance

The service is more affordable than any other services on the market because GTHost has in-house maintenance. This kind of service is better because the dedicated team can maintain the server in the real-time. At the same time, in-house maintenance is able to reduce the downtime and save cost because you don’t have to use an outsourcing or third-party maintenance team. Indeed, you don’t need to spend extra money for maintenance.

Fast Set Up

This is also the secret why the dedicated server USA from GTHost is affordable. Just imagine that the professional dedicated team is able to set up the dedicated server in just 5 to 15 minutes. This fast service has been included in the cost you have to pay. As a result, you don’t have to wait too long or find an outsourcing team to handle the setup process.

In conclusion, GTHost is trying to serve its clients with the best services and dedicated server. They understand what to do to keep the dedicated server USA affordable without reducing the quality of their services.

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