What’s The Difference Between OEM & Aftermarket?

Bike owners interested in DIY modifications and repairs should know the difference between genuine and aftermarket parts. Replacement parts made by the original equipment manufacturer are referred to as OEM parts. Aftermarket components made by other specialty companies are designed to max out performance. As you undertake any project, consider whether your goal is to restore and optimize the original build or find new ways to enhance a machine.

The Pros and Cons of OEM Parts

If you ride a Honda bike, genuine Honda motorcycle parts are your OEM option. It is easy to identify the right replacement parts with part numbers and diagrams. Replacement parts should be practically identical to stock parts. OEM bike parts are available for the body, controls, engine, electrical systems, transmission and wheels.

The Pros and Cons of Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts are made with customization in mind. Riders interested in motorcycle mods can use these parts to enhance any build. Choose from components designed to rev up engine power, improve fuel economy or alter the appearance of the body. There are many aftermarket manufacturers, which makes it easier to achieve any look or level of performance. Performance parts can be much more expensive than stock parts, and these modifications may actually lower resale value.

How Do OEM and Aftermarket Parts Compare?

Ordering OEM parts can be easier, as these parts are designed to fit a certain make and model of bike. Compatibility can be more of an issue with aftermarket parts. Some parts are sold as universal, while others fit select models. Installing aftermarket components may require more modification.

If you are restoring an older model or repairing a damaged bike, you may want to rely on OEM parts. Genuine parts also help to maintain the resale value of any machine. For a significant boost in performance, compare the features of aftermarket performance parts.

No doubt both types of parts are good and reliable but you should get them from a reliable store. There are many stores providing all types of parts and in today’s time you really can’t rely on all. Thus, it is necessary to get the parts for your bike from a reliable store in order to get the quality parts at the best price. No doubt you can get them online too and get them delivered at your door step but make sure you buy them from a reliable website.

In today’s time where everything is getting online, you can surely get quality parts for your bike sitting at home. You can shop for both oem parts and aftermarket parts sitting at home. So, it’s totally up to you which one you want to go with. Before going for bike parts make sure you know the need. You should be sure for what purpose you need the parts. Are you looking for replacing the old part or you are looking to enhance the performance of your bike. Learn about your need online and gain information which will be the right fit for your need and then go for one in order to get the best part for your bike and need.

No matter which type of part you go with, make sure you can them installed from a reliable mechanic. A non-reliable mechanic might not work as per your requirement and you might not be able to get desired results. Thus, going for a reliable mechanic is very essential in order to maintain your bike in a good condition. There are many people who keep their motorcycle in good condition and this is only possible because they get the repairing done from a reliable and reputed mechanic and do not take chances with their motorcycle. If you love your motorcycle and want to ride it with full confidence and style then make sure you maintain your motorcycle well.

Today, there is no point of delaying if your motorcycle needs some repairing work. You can get it done from a reliable mechanic and if some part is hard to find then you can always check for it online and get it delivered at your door step. More and more people are going for online shopping and its your turn now to make things easy for yourself.

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