Timing is Everything: Online Business Owners Need to Know When to Hold and When to Sell

Most people get into businesses immediately after college. With the rise of many online stores, business owners need to learn the primary strategies of running a business, which usually comes down to understanding the buying and selling process.

Usually, the holding period between when an online business is established and when it is merged or sold is when most companies are tested on their worth. However, the holding period of many online businesses cannot be predetermined.

The lifespan of a business or the amount of time it will take to grow your business into a profit-making venture is not cast on stones. Some individuals have established online stores and sold them early and in a lot of these cases the businesses fail due to lack of stability. Some have held on the sale and lost, while others have built businesses until they’ve grown into multi-million dollar ventures.

If you’re aiming to make the most out of your business sale, timing is everything. Sometimes it can be challenging to know when to hold onto the company and when to let go. Hence, as a business owner, you need to set up a suitable timeline for the company and avoid common mistakes people make when selling businesses.

Timeline Tips for Establishing a Successful Business for Sale

Prepare Your Business for Sale from Scratch

It is important to start preparing your online business for sale from day one. Ensure your business is running smoothly and has financial records, income statements, personnel records, among others.

Most potential buyers will demand these documents before buying a business.

Sale Price

A business owner thinking to sell their business must have the desired sale price and work hard to bring the business up to or even beyond that price. Some business owners decide to overprice their websites and work towards that overprice amount. If they don’t get a buyer willing to buy it at that price, they can still sell it at the price they had initially set.

Hire Reputable Professionals

A business owner grooming their business for sale should hire experienced personnel to help prepare their business. You should involve auditors, investment bankers, internet business brokers and marketers in your business sale. Business valuation from professionals would elicit credibility from potential buyers who will eventually give an offer.

Find Out Who Are Possible Buyers

In-depth research into other business owners who have sold businesses in your niche could help you in identifying your prospects. This information will help you understand your audience and how you can attract them.

One way of attracting them is to model your business to match the nature of other businesses already sold. You should also consider what the buyer complained about after acquiring those businesses.

Avoid the Following When Selling an Online Business

Setting Unrealistic Price

Setting an unrealistic price for your online store could make you not get a buyer. As we’ve said earlier in this post, it is vital to hire professional evaluators and auditors to value and generate a quote for your business.

If not that, you should build your business to suit the price you aim to sell it for.

Hiring the Wrong Broker

When selling an online business, an internet business broker is the face of your business. If you hire inexperienced or a bad broker, the chances are slim that you’ll make a swift business sale.

Be sure to hire your broker on time so you can get things done quickly.

Selling to the Wrong Buyers

Before closing a sale, you should do an in-depth background check on your prospective buyers to determine whether they have litigations or infractions against them.

You’d surely not want to spend time and hard work into building a reputable online brand only to sell it to the wrong buyers who will end up tarnishing the name of the business. Only sell your business to a buyer with a proven track record of managing online businesses appropriately.

Final Thoughts

Many successful online entrepreneurs have groomed and sold companies in the past. The timing of the business sale is the most crucial factor in the business building and selling process. It is, therefore, important for a business owner to know when to sell and when to hold.

Besides, what works for one business might not work for the other.  So, when grooming a business for sale, you should write down your aim and have a set timeline for the sale.

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