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Today, running a business without web presence is extremely difficult. The internet has grown to global marketplace where you can sell and buy almost everything. Regardless the industry, niche and company´s size – website for your business is essential. Most of websites creations happens via WordPress. It is a web application that allows to create blogs and websites free of charge. It is most used content management system and above all most user-friendly.

One page and many hosting options
The industry that is formed around WordPress is huge. Thus, no surprise that the number of webhosting services is constantly increasing. It means, the choice could be sometimes overwhelming. Which WordPress hosting provider is worth considering? What should they have in offer and what is most important factor when it comes to choosing webhosting provider? Here are some tips that may help you to decide which webhosting company is good for you.

Traffic on the website
Website traffic can help you to decide. How? Check your websites statistics. How big is traffic on your website? Try to estimate. Have a wider overview, check how traffic on your website was changing within months and years. For example, if the traffic on your website for a last month was 10 unique visitors per day and now it is 30 visitors per day, you can estimate that it will grow till 300 visitors per day by the end of the year. Try to check how much bandwidth your website´s visitors use on average (Mb). Some websites tend to use more bandwidth, even with relatively low traffic (they upload high-resolution photos and videos).

Website´s size
Check the total files size of the WordPress installation, all media that you uploaded, themes you use and so on (all measured in Mb). Analyse your current website´s size and think on how big you would like to have your website in 12 months.

Most webhosting providers base their pricing on available space factor. There is no need to overpay for the space that you won´t even use.

Local provider vs global
As soon as you find out how big your website should be and how much space you need, there is another quite important factor – location. It can help you to choose the right WordPress hosting provider. It is recommended to choose the web host from the country you are based in or at least they have servers in your country. Local webhosting provider can speed up the traffic distribution and can improve your website´s speed. So, for example if you´re based in Germany, try to type in search bar phrase webhosting Deutschland and you should receive some interesting results, comparisons of webhosting providers in Germany and opinions. Choose few of them that grab your attention and check what they have in offer. Same applies to every country. Try it.

The advantages of choosing local service provider is a customer support. It is a factor that is really important! Technical problems with the websites are normal (of course, not to often). And it is fine, as soon as we can act fast and fix the problem within very short time so that won´t influence users experience, and Uncle Google won´t notice it. Thus, if you face some technical problems, you have to contact your webhosting provider and ask them to fix the issue. If the company is based in different country, works in different time zone and speak different language, that could mean troubles for you. Technical support is crucial here. Choose the WorldPress provider that is available for you for most of the time, that can react fast in case of any issue, that provide frequent backups and security precautions. A plus would be, if the hosting provider specialize in managing WordPress pages.

We hope that some of those above advices can make your decision process easier.

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