How to Develop the Street Food and Small Culinary Business

A small business such as the street food and the small culinary business need some more effort to make these businesses succeed. The aim of this effort is to make the business is not dead and it can be developed time by time. Actually, there are many tips that you can do if you had a small business or the street food business that is maybe useful to spread your business. So, below is the further information about the tips.

1. Make a Cash Flow. Every business is should have the cash flow although it is maybe a simple one. This cash flow is can be used to know the exact number of the capital, daily operational feed and the profit that is gotten. Besides that, a cash flow is also can be used for a controlling tool and now the exact number of the daily profit that is can be used for the daily needs, saving and for spreading the business. For the fund submission to the bank, a cash flow is also being a consideration whether it will be accepted or refused. That cash flow is can be a guarantee that a businessman is really opened and run a business.

2. Make the right selling price. In this case you have to make sure the selling price for the foods and drinks and you have to compete with the other sellers. Almost all the street food seller is having the competitors. Price is the most important thing to win the competition among the same sellers. One of the best things that you can do is by writing or showing the price for your foods and beverages. This will make the customers are not questioning about the price and make them doubt to order because they are not really sure about the prices. Besides that, it is also can decrease the customers’ disappointment if they thought that the price is not suitable with the meals.

3. Manage the employees correctly. The amount of the employees that you had is should be appropriated with the needs of your business. It must be efficient. You have also made the clear rules about the relationship between the owner and the employees. The employees should be known their right and obligations since the first time they worked. The fee for the employees is better suited with the business development. The increasing of the fee that is based on the profit will be increasing the work ethos of the employees.

4. Having the mainstay menu. Usually a restaurant or a culinary business is famous because of the mainstay menu that is different with the other places had. The other tip that you can do is making the name of your business based on the mainstay menu that you had.

5. Professional services. You should have the professional service although it just a street food business or the other small culinary business. Do not make a customer is waiting too long to get their foods. You have to serve the customer that comes first and try to always friendly with all of the customers.

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