The impact of Virtual Reality (VR) on WordPress websites

VR and WordpressVR and Wordpress

Virtual Reality is no new innovation for the society. It has evolved itself drastically and has made an invincible space in today’s world. While Virtual Reality is integrating virtual and real world via mobile apps, it is expected that the coming few years will change the way we browse. No doubts that it’ll take some time to learn the web interaction through VR, but one thing’s for sure, that it’ll happen.

Just the way web changed the way we used to do business and interact, it is expected and aimed that in the introduction of VR in WordPress will take the interaction and engagement a step ahead. Let’s have them individually first.


If we consider the WordPress holds 15.5 million page views every month. The figure is attained through 409 million visitors. Need to mention that each of the blogs that are and will be on WordPress in coming days have started supporting VR content since 15 December 2016.

You might be aware that WordPress is running 27% of the entire internet. And believe me, the figure indeed is good. Not only this, but the same report shares that every second 17 posts are published on WordPress Sites.

Virtual Reality

For the year 2016, AR/VR market made total revenue of $3.9 billion. According to a report shared by statista, there were total 43 million VR users globally. However, it is expected that by the end of 2017 the figure will touch the mark of 90 million and will show almost a 100% hike in 2018.

The growing market promptly recites the success saga linked with an adoption rate of virtual rate. Now with the VR joining hands with the web design, speculations and expectations have added extra gleam to the entire market.

The technology behind

WebVR; the experimental Javascript API is one of the major role players in providing access to VR devices like Google Cardboard or Oculus Rift, has now been made available in Firefox’s Nightly builds, Samsung Internet Browser for Gear VR, and experimental builds of Chromium.

To ensure that users don’t face any issue in using the new inclusion, they have allowed them to test their browser’s compatibility.

Not only these, but it also allows you to emulate a VR headset to perform the API testing and without using any VR Hardware. This can be done with the help of Jaume Sanchez Elias handy chrome extension. To further enhance the user experience, it’s molded in a way that they can relish virtual reality experience without any headset.

Most of the projects here are built using A-Frame.

The impact of Virtual Reality of WordPress Websites

With WordPress websites now supporting VR videos and images, we can definitely expect this to take the entire market by storm. Web developers here will be relishing the benefits of this opportunity, while innovators will bring new ideas and concepts that can enhance user experiences.

Another major impact could be noticed with the travel and food bloggers/websites. They now have more space to portray the beauty of their product/service on their WordPress website. Simply sneaking inside your WordPress repository you can find numerous plugins that’ll integrate VR extension in your site. This includes VR Views and WP-VR –View.

The former uses library maintained by the famous search engine Google and is compatible with Google Cardboard. Not only this, it also allows the users to embed 360-degree videos and images and defaults to ‘Magic Window’ so as to solve the issues linked with responsive design.

While the later avails easy navigation between Google Cardboard mode and regular mode.


The inclusion of VR in the web will definitely begin a new game across the globe. It is expected that this new innovation will open new gates for better user experience. This will also help the developers and the entrepreneurs relish better opportunities to better their productivity and use the creative talent.

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