Top three simple software tools for start-ups

Starting up your own online business has never been easier. Whether you want to start a jewellery business from your own home and become an Etsy superstar, or become the next big thing in content creation, there are now plenty of tools and tricks in the software world to help you. Below are the top three that should help send you on your way to greatness.

1. WordPress

wordpressFor any online business, reputation is everything. From the get-go, you need to be seen as the expert in your field, and start to build a following that will eventually turn into loyal customers. A great way to do this is by starting a blog, and with millions being created every year, it’s about time you carved your own special place amongst the fray.

WordPress is the best tool for this; it’s incredibly user friendly with a display and functionality that seems completely intuitive. Plus, for most of the simple, starter themes, it can be completely free of charge to get started. You can begin putting your name and your blog posts into your market almost immediately, and start engaging with customers and colleagues alike. You can learn more about how to use WordPress as a business here.

2. Mail Chimp

mail chimpYou’ve set up your business, you have all the inner workings ticking along nicely, and you’ve built a strong list of clients and potential customers. Now it’s time to notify them about all your amazing offers and company developments, but if you’re just starting off then it can be a difficult thing to manage alone. Mail Chimp is the perfect tool designed to make your life easier.

The design is simple to use with a drag-and-drop style, so all you have to do is arrange your logo, text and images in the way you want, and everything is coded for you to be delivered right to their inbox in a clean format. Plus, it even has a tracking element that gives subscribers a star rating in terms of whether or not they’ve clicked through, so you can tell which people are only a few steps away from becoming conversions.

3. Cascade HR

cascade hrNo matter how big your company is, you will need a strong HR department. It might be that you don’t have the ability to hire a team, in which case Cascade HR software is the package for you. It can be tailored to whatever your needs are as a company, from payroll to time management, and it can evolve and change as you do.

The best part about it from a start-up perspective is that it can handle recruitment. You can attract and select the best possible staff, but there’s also an online module which allows you to do everything from post job adverts and read CVs, to monitor candidate progression and sift through huge volumes of data quickly and easily.

If you know of any other handy business tools, let us know in the comments below.

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