SEO Explained In 5 Simple Terms

Today many people are concerned about SEO as the term keeps being repeated in many places in regard to search engine optimization and drawing attention to your company. The simple explanation of the term SEO is that it’s an abbreviation which means Search Engine Optimization. This is just the basic terms but to explain it further to someone who is not internet savvy one needs to go into details to what this term really means. This is SEO Explained in Simple Terms (Infographic) for someone who does not know what the term means or what it entails in details.

1. Search Engine visibility

The term SEO means that when the titles of the page or words which are related to the page are typed into the search engine the webpage appears. The search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo optimizes the webpages to make it easier for users to find the most relevant website much quicker. If your website or webpage I well optimized, then it will appear on the first page of the search engines.

2. It involves Ranking

The major search engine ranks pages depending on a number of factors, but the primary factor is the content. Search engine such as Google will rank website depending on how useful the people will find the content to be. This means that more useful and relevant the content is the higher the website will be ranked. The ranking keeps changing depending on the content and the keywords

3. It involves keywords

Another aspect of SEO is that it involves keywords, the SEO keywords are the words or at times phrases in the website which makes it easier for people to find your website via the search engine. Today keyword optimization is very important as people when searching the internet use phrases and certain keywords to find websites. The keywords included have to be relevant to the website. This is because today search engine are checking for relevancy of the keywords.

4. Meta-tags

Another important aspect of search engine optimization is Meta tag, this is the tag which when ne searches a specific word it appears on the HTML code of the given web page. The importance of this is that the Meta tag tells the search engine exactly what you are looking for and directs you to that page or website. The Meta tag can be strategically placed on the title of the page or the meta-description and this are the tags which the web crawlers will immediately pick.

5. On-page content

One of the most important aspects that is mostly overlooked when it comes to SEO is content. In search engine optimization what the web crawlers look for is the value of the content. This is the value which people find they visit your website. This is the reason as to why it is very important for website owner to make sure that the content which is on the website is making sense to the visitors so that the webpage will be highly optimized and can be found easily.

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