Why your working day may not be as productive as you’d like


Getting through the working day can sometimes be a struggle, especially when you’re tired and lacking in motivation. Although we want to be as productive as possible during our time in work, sometimes you can’t help but feel deflated, causing you to fall behind on tasks. It’s inevitable that we’re all going to experience days when we’re not very productive and the odd day isn’t going to have a major effect on your work. If you’re experiencing a lack of motivation and struggling to be productive, then there may be reasons behind this which you may want to look into.

There are a number of factors as to why you may not be as productive as you’d like when it comes to completing your work. Below we have outlined some of the possible reasons behind a lack of productivity, which you and your employer may or may not be aware of. These are simple changes which can have a positive impact on employee productivity.

Make sure you’re sat correctly

You may not be aware of it but how you’re sat at your desk can have an effect on your productivity; but how might you ask? It’s really important you support your posture correctly as one of the main problems faced by office workers is aches and pains. By sitting correctly and supporting your posture in the right way, means you can work in comfort and not be agitated by sitting in an uncomfortable position for long periods of time. Make sure your employer provides you with a high quality office chair, which supports the shape of your spine. Retailers like Furniture At Work specialise in office furniture which help support your posture and provide comfort at the same time, meaning you can work ache and pain free.

Introduce greenery to your surroundings

One way to boost productivity is to introduce plants in and around your workspace. One of the best plants to include is the spider plant, which provides numerous benefits. The spider plant is low maintenance, so a great addition to have around the office and helps improve indoor air quality. Research has shown that this popular plant also has the ability to remove dust and unwanted pollutants around the office, meaning certain allergies are reduced as well as stress. Not only do plants add an appealing look to your place of work, but carrying these health benefits is also a strong reason why you should introduce greenery to your surroundings.

Making the most of your working day

Hopefully the two points we’ve shared have created a starting point for if you’re experiencing a lack in motivation. Being as productive as possible is something we all want to experience and making simple changes like the above, can help towards this. If you have any other ways to help boost productivity, then we’d like to hear them. Share your thoughts on social, using #WorkplacePosture and tagging @Furniture_Work.

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