The best extensions for Chrome to enhance your productivity!

Most of the internet users make use of Google Chrome over any other browsers. It is preferred among internet users owing to its speed and reliability. There are multiple integrations available that have the capability to enhance your productivity to a great extent. We bring to you a list of Chrome extensions that enhances your productivity and result in a wonderful browsing experience.

  1. Toby

Do you have multiple tabs open and find it to be a mess constantly? In this case, Toby is your best bet as you can save all your tabs and you can also create lists to stay organized with your tabs. Your browsing session can be saved and opened totally at any later point of time. It also features search, using which you will be able to search for any URL or tab that you do not seem to remember. If you are disorganized with your tabs, start using Toby now!


  1. Mindful

Are you disturbed constantly at work due to which you forget about what you want to do? Mindful is a great option under such circumstances, as it supports you for every new tab you open. Every time you open a tab, there is a document open where you can jot down anything you wish to and it will be saved in your Google account, which will then be shown in every tab you open, thereby ensuring that you do not miss out on anything.


  1. Noisli

There are multiple people who prefer to work with some music on. While at times it is distracting, it can be productive when there is too much noise in the background. With Noisli, you can create a combination of sounds in which you can smartly embed a timer, based on which your work can be tracked. By using this extension, you can get a feel of virtually any place and this way, your productivity at work is definitely set to increase.


  1. 1Password

1Password is a great app if you tend to forget your passwords. It will save your passwords, addresses, card details and you will only need a single password to save it. Due to this, you will be able to create more complex passwords for different websites you use and hence, the security levels of all your accounts tend to increase automatically. When you sign up with 1Password, a password is generated in your vault and logging in to the vault is possible with a code or fingerprint, making it a great security feature.


  1. Vyte

If you have to schedule meetings, Vyte is one of the best options. It can be integrated easily with Gmail or LinkedIn. All that you have to do is click on Vyte button and all the participants will be seen along with the event details. You will have to add the place and time and things are good to go!


  1. NetHunt CRM

NetHunt is an unusual CRM Gmail system that lets you manage leads and deals from inside Gmail inbox. The point of such integration is to convert emails into records and manage the sales pipeline without leaving Gmail. With all sales data available from the inbox, it becomes easier to manage the sales process where it actually happens.

So why wait? Start getting productive now with Google Chrome!

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