Five Brilliant B2B Marketing Strategies Of 2017

Everytime, someone talks about different marketing ideas, the first thing that flashes in our mind is about a business which directly deals with customers because, nobody is interested in ‘B2B companies’.

There is an opportunity for B2B companies as well to grow their business.

Unlike some large companies, every company doesn’t have a huge pile of capital kept aside for marketing purpose. Small business owners can’t afford that luxury and they have tiny budget allocated for marketing purpose. But fortunately, you don’t need a lot of capital to market your product.

It has come to notice that most of the time, a company with the highest budget also fails to get the results. The main point to note here is that it is not about the budget, rather, it is about investing in the best area to get the best results. I have a company information database that has helped tons of users get their preferred information, you can check by clicking the link above and also, given below is the list of best marketing strategies which will give your business a small boost.

Give Freebies

Everybody loves things that are free. Sometimes customers are not sure whether they should give a try to your product or not. To get your client out of this problem, offer them a product or service that provides enough information for free

Video Testimonials

In a case study, it was found that almost 80% customers research about the product or service online before buying anything. Now you know the main thing about testimonials and reviews on any business. Testimonials proof the work same way for businesses. Video testimonials are too powerful as customer relates themselves in a relationship of buyer and seller on a more personal level. Social media sites are like the pieces of hot cakes when it comes to boosting. You can either promote your testimonials on such sites, or you can also scrape company database and send testimonials directly into their inbox.

Start Using LinkedIn

Many small business have their account on Facebook and Twitter. But only a couplesome of owners has registered themselves on LinkedIn. Linkedin is a platform which helps you to meet serious people. Make an account there and start connecting with other people who have same idea as you do. Apart from this, you can also share extra knowledge in the field you are an expert. Sharing unique value without expecting anything in return will boost your reputation on LinkedIn

Build a referral program

Referral program can save a lot of your time and money and at the same time it will increase your volume of customer. In a recent study, it was found over 72 percent of American consumers are addicted to buy products that is shared by an acquaintance on social media platform. Referral programs are very simple; you just need to communicate with your customers daily. Guide them about what will they get like cash or redeemable points when somebody purchases through their link. Sharing a small percent of your profit can help you reach hell of more customers.

In a nutshell, the idea here is not to rely on one particular technique. There are number of ways to use your small marketing budget properly. The main trick is to find that method which relates with your company the most and does not settle for what has always worked for it. Technologies change with time and keeping up with the latest update is the key to becoming a successful business person.

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