What Window Tint is Legal?

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There is an endless list of different aftermarket upgrades you can make to your vehicle to really improve its performance, its aesthetic and to make it more personal to your tastes. Rims and tires, stereos, fins on the back, and much more can be done to your car. Though with all of these many different upgrades, having your car’s windows tinted is at the top of the list for aftermarket add-ons that people like to go with. Having your windows tinted looks great, to start with, but it’s also a very beneficial thing to do. It can offer you both privacy and protection, and it’s a very simplistic upgrade that can be handled in a matter of hours and not for very much money.

 When you pick a service like Pro Window Tinting, for example, you’re receiving the best in high-quality 3M window tinting, with professionals who can quickly install it. One of the coolest things about 3M’s material is that this film used to protect helicopter blades in war zones. So to say that this stuff is strong would be an understatement. It’s great at offering protection for your windows, but also for your car’s interior and for your privacy. The one question most people have isn’t about the effectiveness of tint but rather the legality of it. Is window tinting legal where you’re located? Let’s look into this.

The Legality of Window Tinting in Canada

For Canada specifically, window tint is something that is legal. But it’s not an all-or-nothing proposition here. Different provinces govern differently, and different parts of the car are considered more important or less important for visibility. What does this mean for the legality of window tint? It merely means that different levels of tint and different areas have different legal parameters depending on multiple factors. Let’s speak about this in some more detail.

Province to Province

 Provinces of the nation are more independent than you may realize in how they construct laws. For instance, Alberta and British Columbia have entirely different legal parameters for windshields, whereas New Brunswick and Newfoundland are also pretty different across the board. The issue here is that you will want to be within the law. Imagine you got some darker tint in New Brunswick, where it’s legal, but then drove into Ontario, where it’s not. So, keeping different provinces in mind might be important to you, depending on where you travel.

Window to Window

 The levels of 3M window tinting you have done will also vary from window to window, even inside of the same province. This isn’t necessarily confusing, though it is information to learn and absorb if you’re worried about having your windows tinted. The windshields of cars will have entirely separate parameters when compared to your side or side-rear windows. There is no one size fits all legislation here. Everything depends on the location of the windows.

How to Always Fall Within the Law

1: Check for Yourself

 The first way to ensure that you’re always falling within the law is to check up on the law. This is important not only for where you live and where you’re mostly located but also a neighbouring or separate province if you plan on driving around there. You will need to be in accordance with the individual provincial law, and unfortunately, most laws are separate with little overlap.

2: Pick the Right Installation Company

 The next way to ensure that you’re following the laws regarding window tinting is to choose the right professional location to work with. When you choose a reputable, professional company to handle the installation for you, they are going to know what’s legally allowable on your windows, and they are going to discuss these tint levels with you. The last thing they want is to install illegal tint and to risk fines or even being shut down, so they’re going to be very aware of what’s legally allowed on your vehicle. They will speak with you closely about your options and your desires for window tinting.

 The ultimate goal here when getting your windows tinted is to have the job done correctly. This means choosing a company that uses quality 3M material and knows that law inside and out.

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