SEO Strategies And Techniques To Follow To Be More Creative And Gain Better Results

To get better search results and rank as well as make the maximum optimization, you will need to be more creative, bold and follow the latest SEO strategies and techniques this year as well as for the years to come. Here is exactly how you can do that.

First, you have to make your site more mobile friendly. Since mobile phones are extensively used now for surfing the internet for information and news and it never to go out soon, being mobile friendly will only positively affect your search ranking more and more over time as the years pass by.

In fact, according to the findings of Business2Community, Google has already started to consider the mobile version of a as their primary ranking factor. That means in other words, if your site provides a poor mobile experience it will severely hurt the ranking in the search engines even if the desktop version of your site works precisely and flawlessly. Therefore, if you are serious about your site ranking and interested in expanding your reach to more and more users, you will have to make your site mobile friendly.

Strategies to follow

You can do this by considering several different strategies that are easy and effective at the same time. A few of these strategies are as follows:

  • Using Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is one of the most significant and effective SEO strategies this year. In fact, according to Marketing Profs, this specific type of optimization strategy is expected to be the mandatory strategy this year.
  • To meet with all of the Google SEO ranking factors you must make your site more Infographic that will in turn improve the readability. Even better, it is the best way to make your site more appealing and result driven.
  • You must also use your keywords more strategically and meaningfully in the anchor text so that you can clearly tell Google what your article is all about.
  • Apart from that, you must make your site easy to read because Google also consider the easy readability factor and values the length of the content to rank your content and site.

When it comes to readability, there are a few things that you should keep in mind such as:

  • Make sure that you present simplified contents for your readers whether it is for B2B or B2C assuming that they know nothing about the subject that your article speaks about.
  • Do not use complicated jargon as that is no longer necessary in the industry.
  • There are several apps, tools and software available for free on the internet with which you can check the readability of your content.
  • To achieve better readability you may follow the rule of thumb which says that unless it is highly technical in nature you must try to keep the standard of your blog articles as per the reading level mark of 6th grade.

In addition to the above strategies, you must also make sure that you revise, review and update your content frequently to keep it looking fresh and interesting. Since the world is constantly changing, so is the demand of customers as well as Google that wants you to present your users with the latest information in the most updated content possible.

Update your contents

To reflect this as well as to ensure that you improve the ranking of your article in the result pages in Google, you must spare come time on updating your contents frequently. This is not at all a difficult process for which you will need to hire a SEO agencyand pay for their services that you can do yourself effectively and successfully.

All you need to do is make a few changes to your WordPress post so that Google recognize the changes. Simply make sure that it is informative, intuitive and unique to stand out from the others. An updated content will make it appear that it has been freshly published while actually it may be an old content.

The most significant thing to know about updating your content is that you need not have to worry about your user coming to know that it is an updated content and not a fresh one. This is because these facts is written in the metadata and are available in the source code which is hidden from the user and can only be seen when specific tools are used for that purpose.

Therefore, making a few simple changes here and there will make your six year old content look like new to the user while the actual story will be known to the search engines only that will consider your good intent while ranking your site in their list. Since it will be recently updated, Google will consider and indicate it to be a recent content.

All this means you will not have to continue making changes in your articles constantly but even then keep it looking fresh always. In turn, it will ensure better SEO results.

Improve the anchor text

Another useful strategy to follow to get better SEO results is to improve your anchor text.

You must know that for a website all clickable links say something though it may be a big deal for the ranking algorithm of Google, it is always a good idea and a productive way to give yourself the desired advantage of a keyword-rich anchor text. This means that, it is better use phrases instead of linking to articles with simple texts of just a couple of words.

If you are unsure about the places in your anchor text that needs to be improved or do not know what is in your anchor text that is hindering better SEO results, you can use several internal external links checker counter tools for this. Simply enter the website address and fill out the CAPTCHA code before you click Go.

You will find the entire list of links along with the respective anchor texts to look for those that looks vague or found lacking keywords. Correct them in the blog articles easily now.

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