3 Options of The Best Low-Cost Franchises for Under $20.000

Low-Cost Franchises for Under $20.000Low-Cost Franchises for Under $20.000

You cannot be an employee for the whole life, right? It means you need to have your own business for the future. You can try to be a franchisee if you do not want to start the business from zero. Choose the best low-cost franchises for under $20.000 in case that you have tight budget to start the business.

The important thing to choose the franchisor is you need to know the history and the development of the company so you can consider to join. Choose the well-known and best low cost franchises for under $20.000 that almost everyone knows, so you have no problem to start it and you don’t need to take a risk.

The good news about franchise business is that you do not need to do anything from the scratches. The system is well established and the brand is popular. These are some inspirations of low-cost franchise options from varied industries.

Coffee Vending Pros

Coffee cafe is the best franchisor to start because almost everyone consumes coffee everyday to boost his/her energy and start the day. Coffee is also the best beverage to drink while you hang out with your friends or partner. In Coffee Vending Pros, you can serve yourself and make the coffee using the vending machine. Coffee Pros has many vending machines in many locations. The customers also set up the price by themselves based on the coffee they choose.

 Because of its success, the franchisor opens the franchise opportunities for those who want to be a strart-up entrepreneur. Up until now, Coffee Pros has hundred franchisees all over the America. It offers low startup cost with no royalties but gives huge profit margin, and the best part is that you can work at your home. The startup cash is only $11.700, including training and support.

Java Dave’s Coffee House

Another famous coffee shop in the world is Java Dave’s Coffee House. It offers the comfort of drinking coffee in your house. Java Dave has a signature menu, which is suitable to consume along with Doughnut. Many people always drink a cup coffee with doughnut as the snack. It is not only a place to drink coffee; here, you can buy homemade coffee freshly from the oven.

The franchisor offers easy-to-follow system, thus many people want to duplicate and join it. So, the owner opens the opportunity for those who want to be entrepreneurs. Java Dave has an international license that gives you a chance to sell proven coffee products with popular brands. The startup cost is $15.000 with training and support but it does not provide financing assistance.

Kups R Us

Kups is also a coffee shop and it has been a member of the retail food industry since 1993. To expand the coffee products, they open the career opportunity to become the franchise of Kups. This franchise is considered a lucrative business, but it has some financial requirements.

To open a single coffee booth, you only need to spend about $16.900. There are some benefits you gain by joining it, including 80% residuals every year, home based operation, no inventory, no royalties, and rapid return on investments. There is also a training and support.

Those are only small parts of the actual opportunities of franchise business. The best low-cost franchises for under $20.000 will inspire you to choose the right business.  Being a starter businessman is not an easy thing, and choosing a franchise business will save you much.

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