Why Your Website Needs Video (and How to Optimize It)


One important component of SEO that’s often overlooked is video. Whether you seek to entertain, convert or educate, video optimization can increase your search ranking and reach. According to AYTM market research, 90 percent of consumers will watch video if it’s available rather than read web content. If you’re unsure how to incorporate video into your website, consulting with a Brooklyn SEO company can be very informative.

Video Provides More Info in a Shorter Space of Time

People have a short attention span, especially when we have so many different things vying for our attention. This has been trending for some time, and Google rewards websites that contain video content with higher search ranking. Google also owns YouTube, which is the world’s second largest search mechanism. You can double up your SEO by optimizing your descriptions and video title for both general and video web searches.

Video Provides More Purpose-Driven Content

Whatever the purpose of your website, high-quality video content helps you achieve it more effectively. It’s great for branding, establishing connections, enhancing your authority and building trust with your customers. Video content also provides visitors with a more satisfying experience, which is another factor that earns your spot in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Video Content Enhances Your Inbound Marketing

Internet marketing is all about generating interest in your product or service, driving traffic to your website to learn more and converting leads into customers while they’re there. Video content helps in three ways:

– By improving your SEO through links, URL optimization and search page display – By aiding distribution and social engagement through likes, shares and comments – By increasing your sales; Research shows that people are more likely to buy a product if they see a video demo first. How to Maximize Your Video Content
Not all video content is good content. In order for video to provide value to you, it must first offer value to prospective customers. When adding video:

– Keep your message simple and on topic. The length should be below two minutes, highlighting all of the key points. If you have a longer message, try making a series of short videos. Place the video where it will be seen on your web page, but avoid using the auto-play feature. Some people find it annoying, and others are browsing at work or school.

– Use a script and hire an experienced videographer. This will keep you on-message, and the final output will present your business in a more professional manner. Part of success is in the perception. When you’re building your brand or launching a new product, high-quality production value helps gain trust and build authority.

– Keep it interesting. Even the most boring topic can be presented in an engaging manner. This is another area where enlisting a professional will help.

– Don’t make your video an obvious sales pitch, but do provide a clear call to action so your visitors know what you want from them.

Video is one of the top ways to engage visitors and keep them on your website longer. For more help optimizing your webpages, contact a company that provides SEO services in the Brooklyn area.

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