Consistency in Business Brings Keith Poh to Success; from a Banker to a Shoemaker


You probably would like to think that this man, Keith Poh, is pretty insane. He really is about this consistency in business. Because he takes challenges and risks, and seem to perfectly understand the meaning of consistency and hard work. It would get paid, after all. He was a banker back then. He tried to travel around the world for five years to find the real way to make a shoe. Is it that difficult? Yes, it is, Poh added. Poh is a Singaporean. He started to travel to Philippine and Indonesia to finally leave for Paris and Italy. There, he learned many things.

Be Perfectionist is Okay

Keith Poh ShoemakerIf you heard about some people saying that failure is normal, then let it be. In starting to run your business, you cannot just hop up from nowhere and find the ideas you need. No. You need expert to get you lots and lots of learnings and lessons. Poh traveled across Asia to Europe because he felt that searching a place that produces shoes by handmade in Asia was so a challenge.

Asia has this concept that when you could find a way to produce it massively, then it would. Then it felt different in Europe. It was not an easy thing, after all. The way he learned from experts there also needs courage. But he did it. The point is; it is okay to be perfectionist as long as you would be willing to find the answers consistently and confidently.

Take Challenges and Risks; Minimize Them All

The title of this consistency in business thing might be contradictive; you are allowed to take challenges but you also need to minimize the risks. How could that even possible? It is a hundred percent possible. You need to acknowledge yourself as great as possible, filling your mind with ideas and questions would lead you to something more. Don’t be afraid of a challenge. Take risks. Poh here has left his promising occupation as a banker and chosen to be a shoemaker, a professional one, a consistent one, a perfectionist one, a man who believes that a handmade shoe would create such an art and harmony.

Learning many things from the consistency in business of Poh’s would be a lot more interesting if you also take a look and head some videos available in many business sites. However, those two encouragement above are things to consider. Go!

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