Items you must have in your car for travel comfortably

If you are looking for a long journey or a short one, you must ensure that you travel comfortably. A comfortable journey in your car is the best thing you can give to yourself. Statistics have it that more than 25 miles are driven per driver per day.

With so much travel, it is highly essential to have a comfortable car journey. This post shall deal with the items that you must carry with yourself for a comfortable car journey.

The list of items ensures that you get your travel covered, while in the car. Though some might seem too frivolous, yet they are highly essential.

Top 7 list of must-have items in your travel list


 If you are out on car travel, it is always the best thing to have a map along with you. Though Google Maps are a great alternative, having paper-bound one has its own advantage too. In places with no network coverage, paper-bound maps have an added advantage.

Tab with charger:

Do you want to remain stranded at the place without any charge in your tab? No right! It is always wise to carry a set of the charger and a bunch of download songs. The best feeling that you can have is to watch the beautiful scenery with the ear pods on.

Toilet roll:

Well, isn’t it obvious. You don’t want to be short on the rolls, no matter where you go! It can be really tricky situation if you are stranded in the middle of the desert and there is no roll left. Take special care of this.

Pillows & convertible car seat:

How long have you been thinking to sit as you travel? It is always a wise choice to carry a couple of pillows as you need a rest during the travel. You may use a convertible car seat too if your baby is your travel partner. Different types of convertible seat are available depending on your baby’s weight and age. It will help your baby to feel comfortable during the journey.


Well, this is a no-brainer! If you are looking to travel in your car for a long-distance, keep yourself least decked up. Travel as relaxed as you can and enjoy the best you can. Wearing flip-flops will also give you the chance to relax during the long journey.


Carrying some extra lite food is always essential. Snacking and munching is always the best choice in life if you have a long way to go. It will keep you busy as well as keep you entertained during the travel.

Phone mount:

This is essential if you are driving the car. It will help you to keep the phone near to the steering and keep a tab of the road. Moreover, it will assist you to navigate to your destination easily. You can also receive the calls as you travel, though we don’t suggest the same to be done.

Other than the above things, you must also carry the required documents needed for the travel. Have a safe journey and keep it simple by carrying only the minimum stuff needed for the journey!

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