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When it comes to cars, most people think about the shape of the body, the engine under the hood and the comforts of the interior. These aspects are important, but they are not the only things that define excellence on the road. If you want true performance on the road, then you need to make sure your car or truck is outfitted with the best tires in Calgary. If you are not sure where to start, here is a quick guide to the top tire brands.

Michelin Is A Name You Can Trust

 Michelin got its start in France in 1889. While Michelin does make good tires, it is probably best known for its marshmallow-like mascot. However, when you look at what this brand has to offer, it is pretty clear why it has become a mainstay on the market. Michelin carries all sorts of tires, servicing simple bicycles and the world’s biggest airplanes. The company uses high quality rubber, which means that its tires provide good fuel economy. If you are looking for tires in Calgary for your passenger car, truck or SUV, then Michelin could be a great choice.

Bridge The Gap With Bridgestone

 Bridgestone has worldwide dominance today, but that is largely thanks to its history. Bridgestone represents the merging of two industry leaders. In 1988, the tire company Firestone and the rubber company Bridgestone came together. With so much expertise, it is no wonder that Bridgestone makes some of the most advanced tire options on the planet. In particular, Bridgestone is known for its innovations in rayon cord tires.

Get Good Performance With Goodyear

 Goodyear is currently the largest tire manufacturer in the world. This means that there are plenty of options for tires in Calgary from Goodyear. This American company is noted for its consistent quality. In fact, Goodyear has strong ties to NASCAR, and many professional drivers opt for Goodyear for the highest performance possible. Given the extreme needs in car racing, it is safe to assume that Goodyear tires will be more than adequate for your daily driving needs. In particular, people like Goodyear tires for their ability to outlast the competition.

Go For Luxury Tires With Continental

 Continental is best known for its performance in high end markets. This brand is often the preferred choice for luxury vehicles. This includes brands like BMW and Mercedes. Continental was established in 1871 in Germany. The reason people like Continental tires for luxury cars is that these tires are tuned for handling on the road. They also tend to offer a very smooth ride. You can look for Continental tires for your car, truck and SUV. The brand also makes commercial truck tires and motorcycle tires.

Enrich Your Driving Experience with BF Goodrich

 With tires from BF Goodrich, you can quickly enhance your experience on the road. The company is still operated by passionate professionals who love cars and driving. This means that BF Goodrich tires are primed for that experience. The innovations from this company cater to specific driving goals. This could include high end racing, and it could also include rugged off road adventures. With these extreme options, you can also find the perfect tire for your everyday performance. BF Goodrich is an American tire brand with more than 115 years of experience.

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