Now You Can Make Customized Business Card with ECG Display

Business card with ECG Display

If you want to create impression for people you just know, you can start with customized business card. It is not something new; many business owners or people with specific skills and expertise created customized cards that showcase their specialties. For example, a fashion designer may present elegant or unique card that reflects his or her main style. An engineer may give creative card with electrical component that lights up or something like it.

However, what if you are a cardiologist, heart surgeon or ECG technician? Won’t an ECG card do great as your first impression? The answer is yes, and a startup company has made that idea come true.

MobilECG Design for Unique Business Card

MobilECG, a Hungarian startup company, has just released its new business card design, which is aimed to cardiologist. Their creation is a seemingly humble business card with white color, a red heart shape, and four panels; one is black, and the rest are gold. However, these panels are the unique parts. When you put three fingers on the golden panels, the component inside the card will activate the ECG screen visual on the black panel. The line also moves up and down just like an actual ECG panel.

The best thing is: the ECG panel is not just a fancy electrical feature. MobilECG’s customized card actually reads ECG activities that it detects on your fingertips. While the price is quite high ($29 per card), this unique business card is definitely an eye-catching introduction tool that will make people remember the giver (people are less likely to throw away such unique, fancy business card).

With its unique feature and component, MobilECG business card is definitely a great card for any cardiologist who wants to impress people and show the range of his or her profession in one unique card.

MobilECG Business Card is Available for Making

While it looks like an ingenious cardiologist business card, the ECG feature on the card is not a diagnostic tool (like the warning text tells in front of the card). Therefore, you cannot skip ECG screen in favor of this business card. However, this ingenious business card is definitely one o the most unique professional introduction tools. Currently, MobilECG is still striving to make the card more well-known and ordered by more people.

Are you interested in making this card yourself? Turn out that MobilECG is not tight-fist about its unique idea. If you want to make the same card, you can find the ECG card schematics and codes, which are made available for free by MobilECG. The open source nature hopefully will make the company to get more famous, and more people get interested in their unique cards. MobilECG also plans to make related products, something that will introduce one’s expertise with unique and memorable way.

Unique business card can be a great networking tool, and ECG card by MobilECG is one of the best cards to be owned by an expert. With open-source system, schemes and codes, MobilECG definitely steps up its game to produce unique business cards while introducing their concept to wider audience.

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