What Are the Most Valuable Parts Inside Your Car?

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With the changing economy and strange events occurring throughout the world since early 2020, more and more people are wondering how to get cash for junk cars. If you find yourself trying to sell a car but struggling to do so, you have some options. In fact, even if your car does not run or it needs more work, you can still sell it for some extra money.

Do Junk Cars Still Have Value?

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 Yes, you can even get cash for junk cars, those not running or having more problems than they are worth. But instead of selling your vehicle to a recycler, consider its valuable parts. These parts are often worth more combined than the car sold as a whole unit. You just have to know which parts are most valuable and how to make these sales happen.

Parts Worth Cold, Hard Cash in Your Hand

 Below, we explore a list of the most valuable parts on your vehicle. Some cars and trucks will only have some of these. Others get lucky and still have all of them. But even one or two sold to the right buyer can get you more money than a recycler is willing to pay. After removing the most valuable parts, you can then have the recycler pick up what is left of your car, truck or SUV.

Catalytic Converter

 Your vehicle’s catalytic converter keeps its fuel emissions clean. This part plays a very important role in getting a vehicle approved for registration. Located near the vehicle’s exhaust pipe, your catalytic converter may be one of the ones made with platinum. About one-third of these parts contain this precious metal. If yours does, you can get several hundred dollars for this part, alone.


 Like the catalytic converter, many alternators contain a valuable metal. For the alternator, this is copper. If your part is operational, you can easily get $100 or more. Even if your car’s alternator is not working, it may be a simple fix and the road to extra money in your pocket.

Electrical and Air Conditioning Systems

 Since the 2000s, most new vehicles have had highly sophisticated computer systems on board. These systems contain expensive components. A mechanic can let you know if your computer parts are still working and worth selling. Your electrical system and air conditioning unit, particularly if in good condition, can bring you several hundred dollars. These parts cost about $1000 to install in a vehicle, even when used.

Rims and Tires

 If your rims and tires are still in good shape, they can bring you some extra cash. If you sell these parts, you obviously need to have your vehicle towed to a junkyard. But it can be worth it to strip these parts and find a buyer. Many people even buy rough-looking rims because they can have them refinished.


 If you have a relatively new battery in your car, truck or SUV, sell it for quick cash. You may be able to get between $30 and $50, depending on its age. Otherwise, you are likely to get just $10 at a recycling plant.

Take the Time to Add Cash to Your Pocket

 Really, the only thing standing between your junk car and extra cash in your pocket is a little bit of knowledge and time to find some buyers. The parts listed above are an excellent place to start when seeking cash for junk cars. You can also sell smaller parts from the engine, body or interior to people who want to rebuild or fix their own vehicles. In the process of parting out your car, you may find yourself surprised at how much money you almost threw away.

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