9 Kinds of Applications for the New Laptop and Computer

If you bought a new computer or laptop, you should know that you have done the appropriate installation to avoid the next problem or virus in your computer or laptop. Actually, there are some most important software and applications that you should install in the beginning to avoid the virus or the sudden needs. Here is the information.

1. Antivirus. Antivirus is really important for the daily usage. It is because a virus is can be came for everywhere and if we did not have the wall in our PC, a virus will be broke our system. You can use the Microsoft Security Essential for the free and legal antivirus from Microsoft on your PC.

2. Maintenance System. Maintenance system is needed to clean and do the checking system on laptop or computer. It can be done every day or every week, even every time when the laptop or computer is not in a good performance. You can use the CCleaner or the Advance System Care for the maintenance system.

3. Flash Player and Java. Flash Player and Java are usually used when you want to browse and surf in the internet. It is also can be used to open the video (streaming) with the flash (swf) format.

4. Browsers. Browser is a system that is used to open the internet browser and surf into the internet. Make sure that you are also had the internet connectivity on your computer or laptop. The example of the browser that you can download is the Google Chrome.

5. Universal Archiver or Extractor. This is an important program that is needed to open and extract the data that is already compressed with the format of Rar, Zip, Ace, 7-zip, TAR and many more.

6. Image Editor. Image editor actually is a program that can be suited with the user’s need. However, it is better for you to have this application on your computer or laptop because you can be creative and making your own editing picture. So, you don’t need to pay the image editor service when you need to edit a picture.

7. Video Player or Codec. Our life is cannot be separated with the needs of watching a video or film. Even in everyday life, we are always watching the television for fulfilling our needs in watching the film in video. That is why, it will be difficult for you if you were not giving the new addition of *codec on your computer or laptop. So, it will be better if you always updated your codec continuously.

8. Office. This program is can be used to do the office jobs or the school work. Many people prefer to use Microsoft Office because it is easy to use and legal.

9. PDF Reader. For opening the document with pdf format, you need the pdf reader software on your laptop or computer. There are many kinds of the PDF reader. As an advice, you can use the free version.

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